Zillow Gone Wild Goes Crazy About New York Apartment



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A spellbinding house who lives among the clouds has just hit the New York luxury real estate market and has the popular “Zillow Gone Wild” Facebook page in utter awe.

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The only thing is, if you don’t have $ 169 million, you’d probably be better off looking away now.

“One in one,” the list reads. “A trophy unlike any other in the world. Never before on the market.

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The 6-bedroom, nine-bathroom, 8,255-square-foot penthouse sits on the 96th floor of a “celebrated” city tower and comes complete with designer furnishings – Fendi, Bentley, and Hermes – that adorn the home.

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It might even be the most expensive listing on the popular real estate website, according to this tweet.

However, some things in the Manhattan Dream Penthouse might not be all they are meant to be, according to fans of. “Zillow gone wild” who seemed both intrigued and bewildered by the penthouse.

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“According to the information in the real estate ad, there is no parking space,” observed a fan. “Forget it, I’m outside! “

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“This building also has big plumbing problems! another said.

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“Is it a staging or do really rich people like to decorate their homes to look like a hotel?” Another person asked. “At least they got engaged in their color themes.”

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“You couldn’t pay me to live in there,” said another. “One look out the window and I’m dizzy and sweaty and full of anxiety.”

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As a pianist… this purely decorative, horribly ugly, non-functional piano cover makes me wince, ”one person said of the instrument highlighted in one photo.

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“The whole thing must be swaying in a strong wind,” said one of them of the building’s extreme height. “I literally couldn’t! “

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“And she buys the staircase to paradise…. But the destination will NOT be paradise, ”one person joked.

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“If there isn’t a metal-lined lair with a rotating chair and a hairless cat, I’m sorry to report that I’ll have to pass this time,” said another. “It’s not about the money. It’s about the lack of amenities.

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