Woman tossing Manchester city center apartment after mother’s loss has left her wanting to do something ‘big’

Her friends often tell Sushma Sharma that she does things in an “unconventional” way.

So when she decided she was going to do a raffle for her apartment in Manchester city center, it all made sense.

A primary school teacher in Leeds, Sushma has spent more than 20 years living in the city.

But after losing her mother in December 2019 after living with lupus for 30 years, she decided it was time for a change of scenery.

She was planning to visit a place close to her heart as her mother spoke about her youth in her final months and Sushma wanted to do something from where she was born.

“It made me want to change the scenery, to live a new adventure,” she told the Manchester Evening News.

“It would actually be a long trip to Tanzania to really explore the country, visit the place where my mother was born, Dar Es Salaam, and climb Kilimanjaro.

“My initial idea was to do something for Lupus UK within this framework.

Four months after Sushma’s mother died, the Covid pandemic struck and the country was plunged into lockdown.

“I was just starting to plan this when Covid shut down everyone’s plans, not just mine…

“I’m not saying it will never happen now, but because it was put on hold, the idea of ​​the raffle took place instead.”

Sushma explained, “Because something big happened to me, I wanted to do something big.

“I felt like the whole world was in mourning with me. It was very intense and very amplified.

Having lost a parent, Sushma reassessed her life but also “wanted to do something a little different”.

Sushma (left) with mom and friend Sunita (right).

She went back to work and decided it wasn’t a good time to travel – and that’s when the decision regarding the raffle came.

The idea of ​​raffling at her house was first floated about eight months ago, during the lockdown, when a friend shared a raffle link from a house she had been to for the weekends. -end of yoga.

“If my friend hadn’t sent me this message saying, ‘Enter this raffle, this is my friends’ yoga place,’ the idea would have been on my mind for so long.”

Sushma added, “I think more people will do it in the future.

“Most people can spend five years on a dream and a wish. I don’t even do the lottery, but I love spending a few minutes dreaming about what I would do with a win and who I would give it to.

“It’s just that little ‘it could be me’ moment and that makes it really exciting.

Sushma says she has had “amazing” memories at home but hopes someone else can have equally happy memories there.

“This is my home, I have had amazing parties, food, family and everything for a long time.

The city center is close to Manchester Cathedral

“I like to think that someone is really happy where I have been happy.”

But as for the rest, Sushma doesn’t let herself think that far, but looks away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

“I’m a little scared to think about it for now,” she told us.

“I’ve been downtown and it’s great when you want to be outside and pretty much all the time and absolutely used it to the max.

“I went there and I did, but I feel like I’m in a new phase.”

Sushma added, “I would be really happy to live in a house.

“These are not massive dreams. These are just normal human dreams.

But whatever happens, Sushma says it’s a “win-win” situation.

Someone could win the property plus £ 10,000

“My current home could be an incredible gain for anyone who wants to live mortgage-free in central Manchester and / or wants to move up the real estate ladder and is struggling with this pandemic.

“It could even be someone who wants to use it as an investment opportunity for their future and their children or even to sell it to raise money for their favorite charity.

“There are 50,000 tickets and there will be 50,000 reasons someone deserves to get it.

“All of these possibilities are pretty exciting hopes and thoughts for the cost of a fancy cafe.

“The worst case is not that bad either, if I haven’t sold all the tickets I can keep the apartment and the raffle is always drawn with a winner who takes 75% of all sales. of tickets with the raffle company which keeps the remaining 25% and I make a small donation to Lupus UK. “

The draw takes place via Raffall and Sushma has to sell 50,000 tickets for £ 5 each.

The winner will take home the two bedroom Manchester city center apartment with appliances included and secure parking.

There is also a cash prize of £ 10,000 as well as the mortgage free property and the service charge will be paid for the first year.

The property enjoys a prime location opposite Harvey Nics and Manchester Cathedral and just a short walk from Victoria Station.

“The windows are so big I feel like I’m part of Manchester and the sky,” Sushma said.

And during the lockdown, she even entertained herself by filming the city skyline for 1,250 days.

There is also a prize for the finalist – £ 10,000.

But what’s also important for Sushma is the £ 5,000 charitable donation for Lupus UK.

“Mum has had lupus for over 30 years and was a member of Lupus UK and I know she learned a lot knowing she was not in pain alone,” said Sushma.

Earlier this week it was World Lupus Day (May 10) and Sushma adds, “It’s so good that people are becoming more aware of this disease. It is more common in women and even more so in Asian women. “

Sushma says she has ‘amazing’ memories of staying at home

The winner will be drawn by the raffle company that is running this contest on behalf of Sushma on August 22, 2021.

It could possibly be earlier if all tickets are sold.

“In my dreams, July 28 would have been Mom’s 73rd birthday,” Sushma said.

And she doesn’t want to let Lupus UK down.

“It got bigger, I know it’s only £ 5,000 but I spoke to Lupus UK and said that’s what I’m going to do and I will have £ 5,000.

“And now I don’t want to let them down.”

More information and the the raffle itself can be found here Sushma has also implemented a Facebook and Instagram page for updates on the raffle.

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