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I just spent the night in a brewery – and I’ve never felt better.

I just spent the night in a brewery – and I’ve never felt better.

I wake up early, my mind clear, my eyes bright and well rested. Outside the sky is bright, the birds are chirping and there is a pleasant morning stillness and freshness in the air.

It’s not what you expect after that first sentence. But of course, the most attentive readers will have noticed that I did not say in a brewery, I said in a brewery.

I’m actually at Wilkadene Cottage on the Wilkadene family estate estate, home to the now well-known Woolshed Brewery located on a bend in the Murray River.

Wilkadene is about 15 km from Renmark, on a long straight road cutting orange groves and avocado groves in half, then a little further on a side road that ends at the river and the farm.

The chalet has its own entrance so you can come and go as you please, but it shares the manicured grounds of the main house, giving you plenty of room to stroll and smell the roses, or just sit back and relax.

Inside, the chalet has been tastefully revamped. There are three bedrooms, one with a double bed and the others with twin beds, a lounge, a kitchen diner and a closed veranda, or to sleep.

The rooms are pleasantly decorated, giving them a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It’s not the kind of place you can send take out food, so you’ll find the kitchen, with its modern appliances, useful. It’s even stocked with tea and coffee and a few items from local vendors to help unwind in a relaxing getaway.

Back in the park, there is a barbecue area surrounded by a mosquito net so you can enjoy your evening meal without the mosquitoes taking advantage of theirs.

After the drive from Adelaide and the excitement of choosing which room to sleep in (parents have the first choice and can override everyone else of course), it’s time to relax with a cup of tea before strolling through the gardens and along the river which is about 100m from the back door.

Owners Tom and Sarah have carefully provided a story from Wilkadene, who tells me that the original cottage, the remains of which still exist next to its new cousin, was built in 1859 by a family of sheep farmers.

It also tells me that tragedy followed, with far too many family members drowning in the river, including two children wading along the shore and falling into a hole.

This explains the grim sight of gravestones in a cemetery across the road. Presumably, those involved couldn’t swim, which wouldn’t have been uncommon at the time, but still …

Perhaps wading in the shallows, although there is a swimming platform which would be irresistible on a hot day. You can hire dinghies if you are determined to go out on the water and have a boating license; otherwise there are kayaks on which you can spend a pleasant few hours exploring the nooks and crannies of the river and its billabongs.

If you are an inhabitant of the land take a short drive from Wilkadene on the way back to Paringa and there is an exit for Murtho Forest Landing. Park in the parking lot where you can leave your car, cross the road and you are on the red cliffs above the river.

A track accompanies the current in perfect tranquility, the only sound the creaking of your shoes on the sand, the chirping of magpies and the rustle of the breeze in the bushes. Far below, a barge glides serenely, too far to hear its engine.

Steep, slippery trails can get you to the water’s edge, but in places the steep shores keep you high and dry.

All that cool air and exercise, especially on a hot day, can leave you in need of a cool down, which rather cleanly brings us back to the Woolshed Brewery, named, as you might expect, because it was set up. in the old woolen sheds of Wilkadene.

There is a pleasant feeling of rustic farmland as you enter the large corrugated iron and post shed which has been converted into a bar.

Up front there is a large terrace on the high bank overlooking the river, with red rubber tables and stools. Houseboats moor below and travelers can make their way to the bar to refuel. If you stay in the chalet it’s a nice way to watch the sun go down as you taste, experiment with the six different styles they brew to find your favorite, knowing that when the bar closes you don’t have to. no need to worry about the drink. – enforce the laws to get home, and this is the only place for miles where you can get take out.

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This review was first published in October 2015 and details were updated in March 2021.

Wilkinson Rd, Murtho via Renmark

8595 8188


LOCATION About 250 km northeast of Adelaide, 15 km from Renmark.

ACCOMMODATION Independent three bedroom cottage.

FACILITIES Living room, dining room, wood stove, ducted evaporative air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen with coffee, tea, sugar and some condiments, all linen, barbecue area.

THE PRICE Starting at $ 170 per night.

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