Wellington County Farm raises funds for Ronald McDonald Houses charities with photography sessions

“The services they provide are simply, as someone who has experienced it, absolutely invaluable on the most difficult days in the hospital”

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, it can also help a Wellington County farm raise funds for Ronald McDonald Houses.

Pfisterer Farms is hosting Wheat Field Minis, an event where families can book a 15-minute photography session on their farm in Kenilworth, Ontario.

Participating families will have their photos taken and edited by a professional photography service called Captured By Kait.

Each photo shoot costs $ 70, which includes a $ 20 donation to Ronald McDonald Houses.

“We invite people to visit the farm and experience the farm, to see the animals, and they receive five to 10 professional photos, which are emailed,” said Jessica Pfisterer, owner of Pfisterer Farm.

Pfisterer explains that this is the third fundraising event they are hosting. The farm has already hosted two photo events, which have raised funds for Ronald McDonald House and the Guelph Wish Fund.

“For the fall ones we took people down our aisles, we have some great maple trees,” Pfisterer said of previous sessions. “And then we took out Santa’s tractor for our Christmases.”

She explains that the price was decided based on making it accessible to as many families as possible.

“A big theme in our farm is that everything is accessible, linking it to our fundamentals, so that everyone can go out. “

Currently, there are 15 places left for families to take advantage of, including a few sunset sessions that take place between 7:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

“These are going to be mind blowing,” Pfisterer said of these sessions.

Participants are encouraged not to show up very early for their time slot, as the farm tries to maintain social distancing during each session.

The Pfisterer family raised funds for Ronald McDonald House after using their services in Hamilton. Their son, Boone, spent nine months in McMaster Hospital after his premature birth.

“It really has become our home away from home,” she said of the experience. “It has brought so much comfort to our family and we wanted to make sure their services continue.”

Pfisterer mentions the idea of ​​doing photo shoots as a fundraiser gathered during the pandemic, as a unique and fun activity that can bring many people across the farm safely.

“It’s really fun,” she said. “We have the opportunity to talk to people and a lot of people have been touched by Ronald McDonald House, whether it is with their own family or with close family friends, and people are tremendously supportive of the charity. “

With 30 spots scheduled for Sunday, Pfisterer hopes to raise $ 500 for the charity to support its Meals that Heal program.

“All it is is enabling House to provide meals to the families who stay there,” Pfisterer said. “It was something that was very important to us.

“It’s $ 350, and we usually raise more than that for funds. “

The Pfisterer family plan to deliver a check to the organization in person in August.

To book a session, go to pfistererfarm.com.

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