Three planets in the sky throughout May over the Pacific Northwest

Three planets in the sky throughout May over the Pacific Northwest | Oregon, Washington Coast

Posted on 5/16/21 at 2:45 AM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection Staff

(Oregon Coast) – Not just one or two, but three planets will be visible in the skies over Oregon, Washington and the coasts during the month. On Saturday night, we’ve already seen a stellar exhibit of Mars right next to the crescent crescent moon, and according to OMSI astronomer Jim Todd, you’ll also see Mercury and Venus throughout the month.

Saturday night saw Mercury – although extremely weak – between Venus and Mars. Todd said Mercury is around 280 times less luminous than Venus, so you’ll have to strain a bit.

On Sunday night, another show will perform over the Oregon coast, the Washington coast, and the interior parts of those states – which is lucky because there is rain forecast in the night sky after that. for a certain time.

“On May 16, Mercury will achieve greatest eastern elongation and maximum visibility, 22 degrees from the sun,” Todd said. “After that, the planet will sway towards the sun each evening, eventually becoming harder to see. It is also the best time to see Mercury because of its proximity to the sun. The mercury disappears again at the beginning of June. “

Todd said Venus will spend the rest of May low in the northwestern sky, slowly increasing its angle east of the sun from 9 degrees to 18 degrees by the end of the month. This will still be visible in early June. Additionally, Venus’ brilliant magnitude -3.9 will allow it to be seen easily in the evening twilight.

“Mercury will only pass 0.4 degrees to the left of Venus on May 28, close enough to appear with Venus in a telescope eyepiece,” Todd said.

So get ready for a mighty show at the end of the month: the supermoon turns dark orange. It is a complete lunar eclipse for the coasts of Oregon and Washington on May 26.

Look for other sightings from the two space stations: the Chinese Tianhae and the International Space Station. See two space stations and a supermoon eclipse over Oregon, Washington, on the coast

There are no major meteor showers for some time in the skies over the Oregon and Washington coasts. Delta Aquarids appear at the end of July, but they only bring about 10 streaks per hour. The Perseids happen in August, and these are amazing and full of little fireballs. MORE PHOTOS BELOW

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