The experience of living in a 95 square foot apartment in New York + photos

  • TikToker Axel WebberAccording to him, he rents a 95 square foot apartment in New York for $1,200 a month.
  • He said his space had no stove or bathroom.
  • Webber said he lives in the East Village, so all the action is right outside his front door.

Axel Webber, actor and content creator, made some concessions to rent a 95 square foot apartment in New York.

In December, Webber published TikTok on his East Village apartmentIt has now been loved by over 7.5 million people. Now he has more 3 million subscribersHe shares and tweets videos about his personal life.

Webber spoke to Insider about living in his small space.

While living in his car, he found the apartment through Facebook Marketplace.

Inside Axel Webber's apartment with a loft bed, mini fridge and piano

The apartment can accommodate a loft or extra-long bed.

Axel Webber

Webber, a Georgian, said he was “open to anything”. While looking for an apartment, he was in his car when the ad was posted.

“Before that, I was living in my car, kind of desperate for a place with warmth. It gets really nippy in there. You can start to see your breath in the car,” Webber said. “So I’m went to Facebook Marketplace, and that’s where I found this place.”

“I saw the listing, I saw the photos, and it looked small online, but it was even smaller in person. But I fell in love with it,” he continued. . “I was like, ‘This place is perfect for me, for one person, and it’s available, so I want it right now.'”

There is a small kitchen in the space, but no bathroom.

Axel Webber's kitchen, with a sink, mini-fridge and microwave

Axel Webber has a kitchen with a sink, microwave and mini fridge.

Axel Webber

An apartment with a sink is located next to the door.

mini fridge

It can be equipped with a microwave oven. You will find shelves that double as a pantry above the microwave.

Webber prefers one dish, one bowl, and easy-to-cook options like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ramen.

He bought a single-burner portable stove for $10 to expand his kitchen. He can make cheese and macaroni with this pot and another.

Webber’s apartment also lacks a toilet or shower. Instead, Webber walks down the hall to the bathroom shared with his neighbors.

“Everyone cleans up after themselves and the space stays pretty clean,” Webber said. Webber said, “You don’t have to bring it.”

toilet paper

. You can’t forget it.

Webber found ways to make his house feel like home.

The interior of Axel Webber's apartment, with a door, fairy lights, a closet and a mini fridge

He installed fairy lights to make his house cozy.

Axel Webber

Webber said the refrigerator is his favorite part of the apartment, but the string lights his mother gave him before moving in are right behind it.

“When I plug them in, it just lights up the place,” Webber said. “Beautiful, warm, soft glow, and it feels like home.”

Webber said he hasn’t had any guests other than his talent manager yet, but anticipates his siblings will visit him soon.

Webber is a fan of the busy streets of New York.

On the left, Axel Webber taking a picture of himself in the mirror with a thumbs-up.

Axel Webber in the apartment.

Axel Webber

Webber said the best part of his apartment is its location in the East Village, right in the middle of New York’s hustle and bustle.

“That’s the best part about it, though, is that you can walk out the front door right to the street,” Webber told Insider. “For example, if you go out fast enough, you’ll run into someone.”

Webber said living in a small apartment may not be for everyone. However, if you are able to keep your own company and are willing to share it with others, it might work. “willing to make some sacrifices, like privacy” These are shared bathrooms.

“If you’re comfortable with yourself and are okay with having a space where he only sleeps and eats, then you’ll be perfectly fine in an apartment that’s 95 square feet or even less. ‘they do such things,’ he said.

Webber confirmed that his lease is still in effect until October. He said he wasn’t sure if it would be renewed. He wants to be able to live in an apartment that has a stove and a private bathroom.

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