The 25 most expensive homes in the world put Texans in the spotlight, including a real princess

Eenjoying a certain fascination when it comes to over-the-top mansions, especially those priced at eight digits and above, we can’t help but share some treats from the Robb Reportcompilation of the 25 most expensive homes for sale around the world. One is in the heart of Texas and the most expensive is owned by a Texan.

Properties range from Pumpkin Key in the Florida Keys with a price tag of $ 95 million, making it the cheapest of the most expensive to Villa Aurora in Rome with a staggering asking price of $ 532 million. It belongs to the princess from San Antonio, Rita Boncompagni Ludovisi, aka (the once famous) Rita Jenrette. In the midst of this lavish flow of real estate is a slice of Texas listed at $ 200 million.

Mesa Vista Ranch by T. Boone Pickens ranks among the most expensive properties available for sale in the world.

PaperCity readers swooned over our story on T. Boone Pickens’ Texas Panhandle ranch when we wrote about it in 2017. At that time, Mesa Vista Ranch was listed at $ 250 million and was considered the highest rated accommodation. expensive to sell in the US market. Pickens passed away in 2019 and, with his death, the price to pay is breathtaking.

In January 2020, the price of the 65,000-acre gem was reduced to $ 220 million. Today, it’s offered at $ 50 million less than the original asking price. Apparently, offloading the 101 square mile ranch isn’t that easy.

By comparison, the 340,000-acre Beaverhead Ranch in Montana sold last year for $ 200 million, as reported in a Robb Report article on the most expensive home sales in 2021. This makes it the highest residential sale in the country. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch was the buyer. The working cattle ranch is also home to around 4,000 moose, 800 antelopes and 1,500 mule deer, according to ranch real estate company Hall and Hall, which recalls the ranch’s interesting history.

The One Hyde Park penthouse in London can be yours for $ 247 million.

Full Robb Report Here you will find an article on the most expensive houses for sale in the world. To view the 20 most expensive home sales in the world in 2021, click here. While Villa Aurora is estimated to be worth $ 532 million, the property which has been owned by the Ludovisi family for nearly 400 years will be auctioned on January 18 with a starting bid that is already said to be set at $ 532 million.

For the record, The Weekend, aka Abel Tesfaye, was the cheapest buyer of the most expensive home sales of 2021. He shelled out $ 70 million for a 33,000 square foot mansion in Beverly Hills.

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