Take a look at apartments in Portland, Maine through the city’s Airbnbs

I’ve lived in Maine most of my life and have spent that time wondering what Portland apartments look like on the inside.

Whether I’m walking to work, window shopping downtown, or grabbing a happy hour cocktail, I can’t help but stare at the brick buildings and wonder what going on there.

I stepped foot into a friend’s Airbnb on Market Street the other day and felt like I had entered a completely different city. The condos and apartments have been laid out like a hotel with long, brightly lit hallways with bedrooms on either side. When you enter the living space, you feel like you are entering a New York hotel.

Caught off guard, I needed to see more. But, you can’t just walk into strangers’ apartments or look out their windows, so I decided to check out Airbnb.

If you have the same curiosities as I do and are wondering what apartments are like in Portland, here’s a look at Airbnbs downtown.

Curious about what apartments look like in Portland, Maine? Check Out These Downtown Airbnbs

We walk beside them every day but what’s inside?

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