Small triangle of abandoned land to help build plans

The city has officially returned to the state a triangle of vacant land on Mill River Street, in hopes that this small piece of land will one day become more than 70 new apartments.

This 0.06 acre parcel is on a stretch of Mill River Street off of I-91 and behind an existing two-story industrial building at 1041 State Street in the East Rock neighborhood.

During the last bimonthly meeting on Wednesday evening of the entire Alder Council, lawmakers voted unanimously in favor of ceding this parcel to the State Department of Transportation (DOT) – more than 44 years after the city first acquired the same land from DOT.

“This particular parcel has been a landfill site,” Beaver Hills Alder Community Development Committee chairman Brian Wingate said before voting in favor of the land deal. “This group wants to come and clean it up. And hopefully that day it will be on the tax roll. “

This allusion to potential future productive use of this site referred to plans by Fairfield-based developer Post Road Residential to build more than 75 new apartments at 1041 State St. It’s just across the street from Post Road’s latest upscale development. Residential in town, the Corsair apartment complex at 1050 State St.

A state DOT spokesperson told The Independent earlier this year that the state intends to sell the recently reacquired Mill River Street property to the developer for “fair market value” so that the developer could build a new apartment complex on top of four different apartments. adjacent plots of land assembled.

The new complex would be priced lower than existing apartments, with four “deeply affordable” units at 30 percent of the area’s median income (AMI) and 50 percent of AMI.

The city could not sell the 0.06 acre parcel directly to the developer due to state restrictions on that land in 1977. The state cleared the triangle as part of the I-91 freeway project. When the state did not need the land, the state sold it to the city for $ 100, provided the city used it “for highway purposes only.”

See below for the full resolution approved by Alders Wednesday night.


AND WHEREAS the City of New Haven (the “City”) owns a certain parcel of land of approximately 0.06 acres (MBP 182/0804/01500) constituting part of Mill River Street, New Haven, Connecticut (the “City Property”); and

WHEREAS the City acquired municipal property from the Connecticut State Department of Transportation (the “CT DOT”) on January 11, 1977 with a restriction that municipal property be used for highway purposes only; and

WHEREAS the Town does not intend to use municipal property for road purposes and that it has no use for municipal property; and

WHEREAS the owner of the property adjoining the City property (the “Abutter”) wishes to acquire the City property as part of an assembly of multiple parcels (in the aggregate, the “Development Property”) for the purpose of the construction of a residential property development property; and

WHEREAS CT DOT has agreed to repurchase the city property from the city, remove the restriction and negotiate a sale of the city property with the Abutter to allow the Abutter to construct a residential building on the development property.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Mayor of the City be and is hereby authorized to sign and deliver an act of waiving to CT DOT any City interest in City property and to sign and deliver other documents that may be necessary or desirable to complete this transfer.

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