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CHARLESTON — Three local Girl Scouts have spent weeks creating a seed lending library that will now be available at Jefferson Elementary School.

A seed lending library is similar to the little boxes people use to share books with the community. However, in the case of the Girls’ Project, community members are encouraged to take and leave seeds for plants that they would like to share with the community.

The girls of Troop 2140 created the library as part of their bronze medal, which focuses on creating change in the community, to complete the junior level of Girl Scouts and progress to cadet status.

Dustha Wahls, co-leader of Troop 2140, explained that the project is generally something that will last in the community.

“It’s a community project that has a durability, you know, that can kind of endure and so we thought about things that kids could do at their school because that’s been such a big part of their lives,” Wahls said. “I think this area is beautiful and we were so excited to be able to be a part of it and leave something here at school.”

Wahls said it was beautiful to see the girls’ work come to fruition.

“It certainly represents a lot of time the girls have invested in doing this,” Wahls said. “It was a lot from the start, researching and brainstorming, visiting different lending libraries that are similar in design all over town, buying the supplies, appealing to some of our friends for supplies and tools and the things we needed, and then it was many, many weekends working on that.

The three daughters, Maliyah Harrison, Lauren Wahls and Phoebe Frey, said they enjoyed creating the lending library together.

Maliyah said the girls had fun coming up with the idea for their project and executing it.

“We went to other little libraries around Lake Charleston, we got one in my neighborhood, then one (at Jefferson Elementary School), then the next week we started getting the materials, then we started building it, which took a long time and then we painted it,” Maliyah said.

Phoebe said she was proud to be part of the Girl Scouts’ longstanding bond with the Charleston community, referring to the many projects around the city awarded to girls in the troop.

“I just feel like we’ve influenced the world so much,” Phoebe said.

Lauren said she felt there was a lot of mutual support between her troupe and the community, such as when community members buy cookies or donate materials to help bring the troupe’s ideas to life. .

Maliyah said she appreciates this support.

“We get a lot of help from people every time we sell cookies, it’s very helpful and it helps us do things like that and it makes the world a better place in a way,” Maliyah said.

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