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Glynn County property transfers involving currency exchange recorded the week of August 30 to September 3 by the Clerk of the Glynn County Superior Court:

Seller: United Community Bank

Buyer: Hector Marcelo Melendez

Location: Portion of the day and flowering area

Vendor: Winnie Skarpelezos, fiduciary

Buyer: Dance Fusion Competition

Salesperson: Michael William Wilson, Trustee

Location: Boulevard de l’Océan

Buyer: Jimmy Mitchell Meadows

Location: 2400 Ocean Unit 2304

Location: Chalets in Musgrove

Seller: Wade & Clair Inc.

Buyer: Flemington Forest Properties

Vendor: Solid Rock Holdings

Buyer: Campbell Construction

Location: Grace Crossing at the car door

Seller: Golden Girl Investments

Buyer: Penas Construction

Salesperson: Teresa B. Peeples

Vendor: Leslie D. Winters

Buyer: Oleg A. Shenderovich

Place: Disembarkation of sailors

Location: Plantation Harris

Vendor: Janet V. Blackburn

Buyer: Donald B. Blackburn Jr.

Location: Baytree Cottages

Vendor: Marshland Properties of Texas

Location: Hampton Plantation

Vendor: Joseph Robert Reeves

Vendor: William Clement Cullens

Seller: Relo. Direct government. Svc.

Location: Plantation of the car door

Vendor: Sarah Nicole Allen

Buyer: Raymond Alexander Doke Jr.

Location: Grand Oaks Plantation

Vendor: Jeanette Saunders Bartel

Salesperson: Linda Boyce Haller, Trustee

Buyer: Kathy Shulford, Trustee

Location: Forest Cottages in Ocean Forest

Vendor: George Allen Tindle

Buyer: Carolin Strattan, trustee

Location: Village of Limeburn

Buyer: Michael W. Blackburn

Vendor: S. Tucker Grigg Jr.

Buyer: Richard A. Miller III, trustee

Seller: Sun Coast Homes Inc.

Buyer: Parmesar Properties

Vendor: Glynn County Habitat for Humanity

Vendor: William S. Harris

Seller: Frederica Marsh Lots LLC

Buyer: John Goddard Alson

Location: Canton of Frederica

Buyer: Leigh McIntosh Shannon

Location: part of the Sanders White Sector

Buyer: Jade Alexandria McDaniel

Buyer: Brad Carlton Sanford

Vendor: Katherine Spaulding

Location: Section 2 Union Sud

Seller: RLF Kingsland Properties LLC

Location: Porte des Îles d’Or

Seller: Julian A. Proctor

Buyer: JTS Management LLC

Seller: Christopher J. Wilhelm

Buyer: James Gibson Jackson IV

Vendor: Drew Anderson Burks

Location: Villas Moss Creek

Vendor: Renedell P. Nelson

Seller: Township Construction LLC

Vendor: Palmetto Building Group

Buyer: SJS Properties LLC

Location: St. Simons Beach

Seller: P Street Properties

Vendor: Palmetto Building Group

Location: Hidden Harbor Yacht Club

Vendor: Driggers Construction Co.

Salesperson: Wendell M. Riggle

Location: Parc St-Simons

Vendor: Littleton B. Moody Jr.

Buyer: Louise Mary Jewel

Vendor: Joseph W. Roberts Jr.

Buyer: Kathryn A. McGiboney

Seller: Live Oaks Cottage LLC

Buyer: Matthew Spangenberg

Location: Executive Golf Villas

Buyer: Jacqueline C. Dost

Location: Oglethorpe Park

Buyer: Craig Lamont Shell

Buyer: Golden Isles Investment Holdings

Seller: CFCG Holdings LLC

Buyer: Monroe T. Hill Jr.

Seller: Bobby Jones Management LLC

Location: Harrison Pointe

Seller: Blake Investment Holdings LLC

Buyer: Southern Land Partners

Vendor: Southern Land Partners

Buyer: Ashley Marie McFarlane

Seller: Thomas A. Crawford

Buyer: Michael P. Giannio

Place: Disembarkation of sailors

Vendor: Ainsley Brooks Toal

Buyer: Gretchen Darlene Lovell

Vendor: Jorja Rande Crowe

Buyer: Christopher L. Bryan

Vendor: Jennell P. Garrett

Seller: Pallet Menders Inc

Seller: Tabby Cottage of Georgia LLC

Seller: Palmetto Group LLC

Buyer: RIP Current Holdings LLC

Seller: Michael Sean Wilkes

Vendor: Deanna Dawn Carter

Buyer: John G. Alston Jr.

Location: Hampton Plantation

Buyer: Mary B. Montani, trustee

Seller: Altama 2919 & T LLC

Location: Tract A 801 Minor

Vendor: William Waddington

Buyer: Matthew Todd Goodwin

Location: Houses of the Court

Location: Julians Hamac

Location: Perry Mallett Tract

Buyer: J. Shane Hunter, trustee

Seller: Stéphanie Richards

Location: St. Simons Heights

Location: Section 1 Brunswick Villa

Vendor: Palmetto Building Group

Location: St. Simons Beach

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