Punjab: Farmers returning home from Delhi borders warmly welcomed

Villagers here gave an enthusiastic welcome to the farmers who returned home from Delhi border protest sites after their agitation against the Central Three Farm Laws was suspended.

The farmers were congratulated with ‘Siropas’ (robe of honor). The villagers poured them flower petals and distributed candy for the “victory” of their protest against the three disputed laws, recently repealed by the central government.

Victory parades were organized in Cholang Toll Plaza, near Tanda, and Mehtiana after convoys of tractor trucks carrying farmers reached the district.

A number of people from all walks of life reached Cholang Toll Plaza, Tanda on Jalandhar-Pathankot GT Road and Mehtiana on Hoshiarpur-Phagwara Road by scooters, motorcycles, cars, jeeps and tractors to welcome the farmers.

The Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), an umbrella organization of 40 farmers’ unions, decided on Thursday to end its agitation at Delhi’s borders after the Center withdrew the disputed laws and announced that the farmers would return to their homes.

Doaba Kisan Committee Chairman (Tanda Block) Jangveer Singh, who was among the farmers returning from the Singhu border to Delhi, thanked the people of Punjab for trusting them and congratulated them on the “historic victory” of the repeal of agricultural laws. .

Farmer Ranjit Singh Bains told reporters that the agitation by the farmers not only forced the central government to repeal the disputed laws, but also strengthened brotherhood among farmers across the country, especially in Punjab, Haryana. , Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

After spending a lot of time at the protest site at the Singhu border, he appreciated the people of Haryana for their love and support for the farmers in Punjab.

“As we started our journey home from there on Saturday, along with other farmers, I met these families there who showed us love and support during the turmoil. All these families were in tears when we were there. we were preparing to leave, “said Ranjit Singh.

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