Not Just For Summer – Four Reasons Fall Is A Great Time To Buy A Cottage

In North America, the term “cottage season” refers to the summer period that begins around the end of May (for Canadians, it is usually Victoria Day weekend). Usually, it lasts until the “back to school” season in the fall.

However, while the properties are at the peak of interest and the views are absolutely breathtaking during this time, now is not the only time to buy a chalet. Cabins can be purchased year round, from winter to spring, and each has its advantages. But let’s talk now and why fall is a great time to buy a cottage.

If you’re looking for the perfect fall cottage, Muskoka’s excellent real estate agents will be happy to help.

Less competition

The market is already hot for those looking for their dream summer getaways as spring arrives, and prices tend to reflect that. Even the most picturesque and remote cabins can create a bidding war during peak hours.

Buying in the off-season can often mean less competition, giving you a bit of a breather before rushing to bid. However, cabins are still selling for record prices and in record times in today’s market. It is so important to work with a local agent who knows the market and the area in order to avoid paying too much.

Because many clients are not interested in paying for their cottage costs for the winter, several properties often become available in the fall, giving buyers more options to find something to suit their needs. It will be interesting to follow this trend to see how this fall compares to the past two years.

You can get ahead

As the ice begins to melt, cottage lovers quickly start flocking to their retreats, hoping to get it through the winter in time for summer, and with it, all amenities can quickly become booked.

By purchasing a cottage in the fall, you can prepare during the off season to have your cottage in a whole new shape by winter. Often, cottage country contractors become more readily available once the summer crowds are gone, leaving you with a faster turnaround time and less divided attention. Likewise, all interior work can be done throughout the winter, leaving you and your chalet ready for the onset of spring.

Photogenetic foliage!

Fall means the colors on the trees are starting to change into beautiful assortments of reds, yellows and oranges.

Especially if you are in a heavily forested area, think about all the stunning scenery that many often miss when packing in late summer.

And what better time to be outside, because the cooler fall weather means much less intrusive bugs and perfect bonfire conditions.

Be with the locals

Even in the countryside, summer can mean quiet towns become a must-see tourist destination. With everyone back to their daily lives, you can experience the city, the amenities and services from your cabins, and explore what the city really offers without the queues and traffic.

Support your local cottage county with a drink at local pubs, eat at a local restaurant, or just enjoy a leisurely shopping experience with fewer queues at some of the local stores.

Fall can also come with its fair share of hot days, especially if you’re shopping early. Having fewer people on the docks and on the beach means you can relax and enjoy the reason people come to the chalet in the first place – the peace and quiet.

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