Myrtle Beach International Airport nears completion of parking projects

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – As Myrtle Beach International Airport navigates its peak season, the airport continues to work on improving its overall experience.

Last year, MYR began development of the rental car ready return package as rental demand increased.

The development was divided into two phases.

Just three weeks ago, part of the first phase was opened to frequent flyer service for rental cars after workers installed awnings to cover all parking areas to screen rentals.

“As well as being an improvement for customers, it’s also an improvement for the employees who work there,” MYR spokesman Ryan Betcher said. “They will be able to shelter from the sun and bad weather. It is therefore an advantage for these customers and employees.

To date, the completed part of the first phase batch has already been used by travellers. From keeping them cool to providing convenient stops while they wait for their rentals.

Funding for the project comes from every car rental transaction to make the improvements possible.

Other additions, such as employee customer service booths under the central canopy, will also make the car rental experience like never before.

“We hope to be able to allow some guests to bypass the rental building to get their keys directly to these cabins, which will hopefully streamline the process,” Betcher said. “It will also be in place to add a benefit for employees where they will have air conditioning for breaks, storage and computer access, which also greatly improves the employee experience,” Betcher said.

Customer cabins are expected to be installed next spring.

Other new behind-the-scenes improvements include the expansion of MYR’s fuel farm, which will allow a 30-foot-tall tank to bring in an additional 100,000 gallons of aircraft fuel.

This will increase the overall total fuel capacity to 360,000 gallons at the fuel farm.

“We started working on the foundations, then we do electrical work. We haven’t started the actual construction of the tank itself, but we expect this fuel storage capacity project to be completed by December or January,” Betcher said.

Betcher added that the airport will complete the first phase of its project by the end of September.

Cars from the Phase 2 rear parking lot will then move to the completed Phase 1 area to begin installing awnings.

The kiosks and the second phase of the project should be finished by next Memorial Day.

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