Mubadala and BlackRock to invest $525 million in Tata Power’s renewable energy arm

French president pledges to phase out fossil fuels; Jeep will electrify 70% of its global sales by 2025: NRG counts

RIYADH: At the macro level, greener promises from presidents around the world are either made or broken. As Emmanuel Marco announces plans to attract green votes, the US government has announced plans that break promises made by Joe Biden during his election campaign.

At the micro level, however, automakers like Jeep are pursuing goals in light of the global push for electric vehicles.

In addition, Russia’s Gazprom confirmed a stable gas supply to Europe via Ukraine amid strong demand.

Looking at the big picture:

French President Emmanuel Macron pledges to get fossil fuels out of the country if re-elected, Bloomberg reported.

Macron plans to appoint an energy minister to try to become the first European country to end the use of oil, gas and coal.

The US government intends to resume oil and gas development on federal lands, breaking vows Joe Biden made during his presidential campaign, Reuters reported.

New plans include leasing fewer acres for drilling, higher royalties for oil and gas companies, and assessing the climate impact of acreage development.

Through a micro lens:

US automaker Jeep aims to electrify 70% of all global sales by 2025, Bloomberg reported.

This matches the automaker’s recent “Zero Emission Freedom” slogan.

The Russian-majority multinational energy company, Gazprom, has announced that natural gas supplies to Europe via Ukraine are stable in the face of European demand, Reuters reported.

As of April 16, requests amounted to 57.2 million cubic meters.

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