More4 brings back River Cottage

Channel 4 has ordered River Cottage Reunited from Keo Films, bringing the Hugh Fearnley franchise back to Whittingstall.

Commissioned by Anna Miralis, the four-hour series is set to return to More4 in a new post-pandemic era, as more people embrace wild places and local food, and seek to transition to a healthier diet. natural and plant-based. It’s a philosophy Whittingstall has championed since the first River Cottage shows over two decades ago.

Miralis says, “The original shows have spawned dozens of imitators over the years, so we’re proud to bring back the original and the best.”

The show will reopen at River Cottage HQ, East Devon and Whittingstall will also launch a campaign to protect our forests by putting more venison on our plates.

Throughout the hour-long programs, viewers will learn how to grow, prepare and cook fresh food, from fruits and vegetables from the garden, wild ingredients from hedges and woods, sea vegetables from the shore and fish and shellfish at sea.

The series also highlights the need to clean up our rivers to promote biodiversity and reap the health benefits of wild swimming, to source more sustainable ingredients such as mussels and seaweed, and to make better use of undervalued fish.

Regulars at River Cottage include forager John Wright and cook Gill Mellor.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said: “It’s great to be back doing what I love the most: gathering the best ingredients from land and sea, meeting inspiring growers and producers and baking delicious dishes to share with friends and neighbours. It’s a life we ​​all miss and it’s time to recognize and celebrate how much it can do for us to live and cook a little closer to nature.

KEO Films Executive Producer Andrew Palmer said: “We have gone through extraordinary changes over the past two years – an unimaginable difference that none of us could have foreseen. The return of River Cottage is reassuring in itself, but it is also an opportunity to reinvent our cooking and our outdoor life. Hugh has been exploring these questions on his TV shows for over 20 years, but he always looks forward to new ways of doing things that make life better and more delicious. It’s a series to inspire and comfort in equal measure.

The series is directed and produced by Michelle Crawley and Richard Hill.

The series will air in June 2022.

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