Montgomery City Council Tackles License-Free Apartments

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WSFA) – The town of Montgomery is cracking down on apartment complexes operated without proper permissions. These are resorts with absent owners and unsafe living conditions, according to the city.

These complexes are said to be in violation of city safety codes.

Managers of four of them appeared before city council on Tuesday night, but there are about a dozen unlicensed.

Council members wanted to revoke their licenses, but they have no licenses to revoke.

Montgomery City Council members say they are fed up with apartments being operated in the city without an operating license.

District 5 city councilor Cornelius “CC” Calhoun said up to 15 people are currently operating illegally. He said that one of the problems is the constant change of ownership of the apartments.

“You buy it on the cheap and think you’re making a major investment, but when you walk in and see how much work you have to put in to get it up to code and up to standard, and that’s part of the problem. They fail the inspection, they don’t pass the inspection from the city’s point of view, so you can’t get a business license, ”Calhoun said.

According to Calhoun, many are in horrific conditions and are havens for crime.

Angela Exfort is fed up with apartments she says are horrors. She sent WSFA 12 News photos of boarded up buildings and rubbish in front of some apartments.

“Something must give. You are our elected officials. This apartment complex, he has to go and find out that it was operating without a license. We have to do better than that, Montgomery. We have to do better than that, ”she told the board.

But some of the apartment managers say they face hurdles when it comes to getting a business license, so the city is giving them time to get their affairs in order and put their buildings in place. Standards.

Calhoun said they are meeting at Kenniston Apartments on Wednesday to see what they need in order to have a business license in Montgomery.

He said he hopes these unlicensed apartments will be compliant by Friday.

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