Maharashtra Tourism News: Vacation Rental Homes, Caravan Tourism and more from the Government of Maharashtra

A whole new vacation rental policy is being developed in Maharashtra which aims to adapt to changing tourist preferences during the pandemic. More and more people are interested in staying in beautiful residences far from the usual tourist attractions. The policy will allow the government to regulate this vacation home business.

Under this new policy, the trade must be approved by government officials and police who would visit these facilities for inspection. The idea is to limit the overcharging of these house rentals. This was announced by Valsa Nair Singh, Senior Secretary, Tourism. She said there is a huge demand for such rental homes in remote locations.

There have been instances where tourists have charged for properties that don’t even exist. This was made possible by bogus apps taking bogus bookings, according to Singh.

She said, “We are in the process of drafting this policy. It will be a comprehensive policy, the place is checked, the police also checked before it is allowed.

In addition, the state plans to introduce a caravan parking area at the base of Fort Raigad. Tourists can park their vehicles there. The good news is that a dozen contractors have already come up with plans for a trailer parking space. She said it will take at least two years to bring a caravan travel culture to the state.

Singh also mentioned that Maharashtra will receive beach hacks by October, for which sites have already been identified and plans have already been put in place.

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