Madison Plan Commission Approves Conversion of HotelRed near Camp Randall into Housing | Local government

Opened in 2011, the hotel has a spa on the first floor, lounge, conference room, bar / dining room and guest check-in area.

Steve Brown Apartments, which owns 57 properties in the Madison area, plans to convert hotel rooms to apartments with modest renovations that will expand existing kitchenettes into more traditional residential kitchens, according to his submission to the city.

The first floor will be reconfigured to create a residential lobby separate from the commercial space, and the existing meeting room will be renovated to create two 750-square-foot one-bedroom apartments requiring new windows on the alley side of the building.

The project would be completed in spring 2022.

Other elements

In other cases, members of the Planning Commission have heard from some residents frustrated with the homeless settlement under construction at 3202 Dairy Drive. Kevin Femal, who represented neighboring company EMS Industrial Inc., said he was concerned about the safety of company employees and that the camp should not be located in an industrial area right next to the companies.

The project is seen as a more humane alternative to the large, dangerous and unauthorized camp at Reindahl Park. It is planned to have a small building with an office and bathrooms, lampposts and electrical hookups for 30 small shelters equipped with heaters, air conditioners and mini-fridges. A 6 foot high chain link fence with vinyl privacy slats surrounds the site.

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