Lenders will remain closed for 6 out of 15 days this month

Public holidays in July: July has already started and we have gone through the first half of the month, where several holidays in the private and public sector have been implemented. Lenders across all public and private sectors in India are seeing a new round of public holidays in July. The Reserve Bank of India, or RBI, has already released a list of public holidays in July 2022. The central bank prepares a monthly list of public holidays at the beginning of each year, according to which lenders in specific regions remain closed. According to this calendar, there are six public holidays out of the remaining 15 days in July.

It should be noted that many holidays are regional and may differ from state to state and bank to bank. There were 14 public holidays in July, eight of which have been used up. However, some holidays are specific to a region. For example, July 16 is a public holiday in Dehradun, but banks in the rest of the country are open on that day.

The Reserve Bank sets public holidays each year in three categories, including the Negotiable Instruments Act, Public Holidays, Real Time Gross Settlement Holidays, and Close of Bank Accounts. Of these, the categorization “Statutory Holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act” records the highest number of public holidays. However, public holidays are not uniform across the country under this law. Eight of the July holidays fall under the Negotiable Instruments Act, while the rest are weekend holidays when all banks in India will be closed. Branches of all public sectors, private sector, foreign banks, cooperative banks and regional banks remain closed on public holidays notified by the RBI.

There are still six public holidays left for the remaining 15 days of July. Check them out below.

Here is the complete list of public holidays in July 2022 according to the RBI list (from From July 1, 2022)

List of leave in accordance with the Leave Act in the form of negotiable securities:

July, 1st: Kang (Rathajatra)/ Ratha Yatra—Bhubaneshawar

July 7: Kharchi Puja—Agartala

July 9th : ld-Ul-Ad’ha (Bakrid) – Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram; Banks will also be closed across the country as it is the second Saturday of the month

11 July : Eid-ul-Azha—Srinagar, Jammu

July 13: Bhanu Jayanti—Gangtok

July 14th : Beh Dienkhlam — Shillong

July 16: Harela — Dehradun

July 26: Ker Puja—Agartala

Apart from that, there are seven weekends, including the one between Bakrid, when banks will be closed across the country. These are mentioned below

List of weekend holidays

July 3: First Sunday

July 9th : Second Saturday + Bakrid

July 10: Second Sunday

July 17: Third Sunday

July 23: fourth saturday

July 24: fourth sunday

July 31 : fifth sunday

So, if you have bank-related jobs, you should contact your local branch to confirm public holidays in July this year as per your area to avoid any hassle.

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