Inside Newcastle’s ‘most Instagrammable’ apartment block as residents reveal luxury lifestyle at The Forge

The Forge has been touted as one of the most stylish places to live in Newcastle, where residents can enjoy the perfect experience in the heart of the city center every day.

Offering fully furnished apartments as well as perks like a gym, resident lounge, offices and even a “dog park”, the building has been a hit with tenants since it opened in 2018.

Located a stone’s throw from Quayside, The Forge is the city’s first ‘build-to-let’ development, with all 283 apartments rent-only.

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Renowned for being home to a number of influencers, The Forge has gone above and beyond to ensure residents get the perfect shot for the gram.

But all the benefits and stunning interiors come at a cost, with one-bedroom apartments starting at £800 per month.

We spoke to those who live at The Forge to find out if life there really is as good as it looks.

Lyndsay Doyle, 48, moved from Sunderland to a two-bedroom ground floor flat in The Forge in November last year with partner Emma Vincent.

“They’re really Instagrammable,” she said.

“We had a really positive experience. It’s a great place to live and we really enjoyed it.”

Lyndsay Doyle and her partner Emma Vincent live at The Forge in Newcastle.

Lyndsay works for an energy company while her partner Emma is a life coach and business mentor, meaning the couple have been able to be flexible about where they work.

She said: “We lived in Sunderland and when we sold our house we were going to buy a flat in Sunderland but we got a deal with the tenant and then saw that flat was available.

“We thought, ‘let’s rent and try something different.’

“It looked cool and we thought we’d give it a try.

“A friend of ours who had been in Spain had come back and rented an apartment here and I had seen it on her Instagram.

“She only had good things to say about it.”

Although moving from a three-bedroom townhouse to a small apartment was an adjustment, Lyndsay said she loved the convenience of living downtown and having a gym literally on her doorstep.

She plans to stay for another six months after her contract ends in May.

“It’s really cool,” she said.

“Down the bank, you’re on the platform. Up the bank, you’re at the station and you’re downtown.

“Everything is so convenient and, living in Newcastle, there is so much to do.

“No one had lived in this apartment before, so everything was brand new. It was a dream.”

The Forge was considered one of the most Instagrammable places to live in Newcastle when it was first opened to residents.
The Forge was considered one of the most Instagrammable places to live in Newcastle when it was first opened to residents.

For new mum Eleni Tsoumpeli, The Forge’s main selling point was its fashionably furnished apartments.

The 35-year-old marketing manager rents a furnished two-bedroom apartment on the fifth floor with her husband and newborn baby.

The family has been living there for over a year after a friend recommended the building to them.

“The apartments are very modern and the furnishings are really nice and stylish, which was my selling point,” Eleni said.

“I fell in love with the look of the apartment.

“In the living room there are large glass windows which make it airy and there is a nice layout and furniture.

Forge resident Eleni Tsoumpeli.
Forge resident Eleni Tsoumpeli.

“It’s pretty Instagrammable [place to live].

“I think they invested a lot in his appearance.”

The sense of community and perks like concierge service and office space were a bonus for Eleni.

“It’s good to live here, especially with Covid because I’ve been pregnant and had to work mostly from home,” she said.

“There is a large living room with cabins where you can work instead of being at home all day.

“You can book a booth and work from there.

Inside Eleni Tsoumpeli's apartment at The Forge.
Inside Eleni Tsoumpeli’s apartment at The Forge.

“It’s a nice place with a coffee machine and with other people working in the cabins it doesn’t feel as isolated.

“They are also doing great initiatives. During the confinement, there was a chocolate-making session via Zoom.

“Chocolate making kits have been given out so you can make your own chocolate. There’s a good sense of community.

“A lot of the residents are pretty friendly and a lot of them have pets and use the dog park, which has wooden benches.”

But, in the long term, Eleni says she will move as her family searches for a larger space to park their car.

The family is currently paying for private parking to leave the car in the city center.

“I really liked living here, especially during the lockdown,” she said.

The large windows of Eleni Tsoumpeli's apartment at The Forge.
The large windows of Eleni Tsoumpeli’s apartment at The Forge.

“I enjoyed staying in a very pleasant apartment on the atheist level.

“Most of the people who live here are young professionals or international students as it’s a bit small for families.”

Grainger plc, which owns and operates The Forge, says it aims to provide a hassle-free rental experience for residents.

A Forge spokeswoman said: “At The Forge, residents enjoy the benefits of stylishly furnished, modern, high-quality, purpose-built homes for rent, with a dedicated resident services team on-site, available to help with anything a resident needs.

Sleek apartments make for the perfect Instagram photo.
Sleek apartments make for the perfect Instagram photo.

“The Forge homes come with super-fast Wi-Fi included in the rent, and in addition to the larger homes, residents enjoy a range of additional amenity spaces, including the Residents Lounge , the gym, the private multifunctional meeting room and the co-working spaces, which have proven to be particularly popular lately.

“Our philosophy with our amenity spaces is to create spaces where our residents feel comfortable and want to spend time.

“A thoughtful and well-thought-out interior design is an integral part of the development process and helps to achieve it.”

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