House designs are accepted for a long overdue subdivision

In a further sign that home building is about to happen in Ceres, the Ceres Planning Commission approved proposed home designs for Cambridge Estates on Monday as the subdivision moves closer to reality.

“They finally arrived,” lead planner James Michaels told the commission two weeks ago. “You may remember in 2020 the commission approved a time extension for the map and they worked steadily on that and they finally got their house designs.”

The commission approved the planned community development plan by a vote of 4 to 0. President Laurie Smith was absent.

The infill project site is located south of Hackett Road, south of Sinclear Elementary School, and west of Morgan Road. The new homes will be located next to existing single-family homes.

Plans to build a 38-home residential development – ​​first approved in 2002 – were kept alive for two more years in a unanimous vote by the Ceres Planning Commission in July 2020. In 2015, the commission approved a two-year extension for an interim acquisition subdivision map to subdivide 8.26 acres into 38 single-family lots at 1200 and 1206 Hackett Road. Another extension was granted in 2018, but the commission was told that owners Surgit Singh and Ranjeet Talwana wanted to sell the property to someone else to build the houses, but needed the project to have a valid card.

Michaels showed off the three single-story home designs, one at 1,600 square feet, another at 1,835 square feet, and the largest at 2,059 square feet. There will be five designs available with 15 earth tone color palettes, but Bright Homes will focus on three themes – Spanish, Farmhouse or French Country. Most will include rock veneer designs incorporated into the design.

“We support this development plan,” Michaels said. “We believe there are high quality building materials with architectural features that complement the surrounding area.”

Dave Butz of Bright Homes said the project was acquired last summer “and we’ve been working on it diligently ever since”. He later said Bright planned to start building houses from August.

Kachel said he liked the three-size mixes and “it speaks to the market in a good and healthy way.”

San Pedro Avenue resident Nick Maynard expressed concern about the impact of the new homes on traffic on Morgan Road. But Bob Kachel, who led the meeting, told Maynard that the project had already been approved and the commission was only tasked with reviewing the design of the houses. He has been instructed to speak to the Acting Director of Public Works, Sam Royal, to discuss how the city plans to build infrastructure to accommodate future traffic.

After the vote, Kachel said he liked the project.

“It’s good to see that after all these years something is going to happen on the ground and we all know about the housing shortage in California and every single one of them will help a little bit so it’s good to see that this is happening. And thank you, Bright Development.

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