Hotel, shops, rental chalets among the uses proposed within the framework of the Lanier Raceplex complex

The development could include a hotel, restaurants and shops, as well as 82 cottages that can be rented out during race weeks and 17 single-family homes along Benefield Road, just north of the Oval Track near Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

Other uses could include an event center, 50 luxury RV sites and car “condos” or garages “for car collections in a quiet fun environment, as well as outdoor living spaces. loft optional, ”the document states.

In total, the complex could have 920,000 square feet of non-residential buildings.

Lanier Raceplex “will be the focal point of development,” the document says.

The 0.375 mile track dates back to 1982, when it was Lanier National Speedway. In 2014, the track was purchased by road racing champion Jim Downing and renamed Lanier Raceplex, according to the track.

The total development would be on 137 acres, with the applicant, MP Partners Development LLC, requesting four separate actions to enable the project. The measures include a zoning change of the Benefield Road property from residential agriculture to planned commercial development.

MP’s plans provide for a capacity of 20,000 seats for the track grandstand.

The development is expected to be presented to the Hall County Planning Commission on Tuesday, July 6.

Planning staff recommend approval of the project, saying it is “consistent” with Hall County’s overall land use plan.

It “is complementary in nature to the existing uses already authorized at the Lanier Raceplex, as well as at the Michelin Raceway”, according to the staff report.

MP Partners’ Trip Campbell could not be reached for comment on Thursday, July 1.

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