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Created: Dec 08, 2018 2021 07:50

Plans for a $ 3.8 million redevelopment of the oceanfront cafe in Horseshoe Bay were rejected by the Planning Department.

And now it looks like the renovated facility might not be ready in time for the 2022 tourist season, as expected.

The dealers, Horseshoe Bay Live, submitted plans in September, ten months after being announced by the government as new operators of the iconic site, effective April 1.

But planners rejected HBL’s application, citing an missed deadline and incomplete file, and said they now had to create a new submission with all relevant plans and supporting information.

Announcing HBL as the winning bidders for the operation of the Southampton waterfront property last November, Lt. Col. David Burch, Minister of Public Works, said that a $ 3.8 million redevelopment project, funded by tenants, would begin last month to renovate facilities in time for next year’s tourist season.

But without any approved plans in place, the prospect of the building being ready by April seems slim.

The winning team from HBL consisted of Bermudan entrepreneurs Delton Ebbin, Carl Vincent and Devon Simons.

But Mr. Vincent said The Royal Gazette earlier this year that he was no longer involved with the project, and now it looks like Mr. Simons may have bowed out.

Responding to a question from the planners, Kristina Graham-Ward, of architectural firm Brick Verde, said the applicant for the rejected plan was Mr. Ebbin – and added that “Mr. Ebbin and Mr. [Tulani] Bulford are business partners, owners of HBL ”.

The application proposed additions and renovations to existing facilities on the west side of Southampton Beach to create a three story mixed-use commercial building.

The ground floor would contain a new hall, restaurant and bar with patios, kitchen, retail store and take out restaurant in addition to staff quarters, storage areas, bathrooms , a rental store for beach equipment and furniture and a lifeguard break room.

The first floor of the building would include a new restaurant and balcony with a bar and entertainment area, as well as a kitchen and offices.

The top floor would feature a bar and lounge, along with rooftop balconies, bathrooms and storage space.

At a press conference in November last year, Colonel Burch said the ministry had received proposals from 16 groups to operate the beach side cafe.

Eight were shortlisted and invited to make presentations, which were rated by a six-person panel representing the Department of Public Works, the Department of Parks and the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Col. Burch said the panel’s criteria included: services to be provided, awareness of beach tourism trends, proposed redevelopment design, financial capability, ability to complete on time, ability to manage rentals of beach, environmentally friendly and sustainable services, local employment and visitor benefits.

The public works minister said the eight shortlisted candidates were then narrowed down to the two with the highest scores, each estimating a capital investment of around $ 3.8 million to redevelop the site.

He said HBL would be granted a five-year lease with an option to renew the tenant for an additional five or ten years, subject to agreement of the terms of the lease.

Terms of the lease were not disclosed.

Delton Ebbin, second from right, of Horseshoe Bay Live, with Lt. Col. David Burch, Carl Vincent and Rai Simons at the press conference last November (file photo)

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