Hollywood commissioners in favor of beach closing times, banning some tents and bikes – NBC 6 South Florida

Hollywood commissioners have voiced support for beach closing times and a ban on some tents and bikes from the popular Broadwalk area on the beach.

City commissioners held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss a new ordinance that seeks to close the sandy part of the beach to the public every night to “increase the safety and security of the beach by deterring nighttime and other trespassing criminal activities”.

The proposed ordinance sought to close the beach between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., but commissioners favored a midnight to 5 a.m. closure.

In addition to restricted hours, the ordinance sought to ban beach tents and awnings as well as bicycles with more than two wheels, roller skating and in-line skating, citing pedestrian safety on the Broadwalk.

The commissioners voted against banning roller skating and inline skates, but voted to ban certain recumbent tricycles or “banana bikes”.

Bike Shack manager Nick Subrami said renting banana bikes makes them a lot of money.

“These are our most popular bikes that people are renting out, it’s definitely going to hurt us a lot, affect most of our sales because most of our revenue comes from the surreys and banana bikes,” Subrami said.

As for tents, the commissioners voted to ban only tents with closed sides.

The order sought to ban all tents and awnings, arguing that an increase in the number of visitors to the beach has led to an increase in the number of tents, also creating a safety risk.

“Tents and awnings pose a public safety hazard, particularly during peak times and locations, as they block access and waterfront visibility, which can lead to time delays lack of response from first responders or the inability to quickly spot impending danger,” the order read said.

The final wording of the ordinance will still need to be submitted before going through a first and second reading and then possibly a final vote, possibly as early as next month.

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