Holiday home program planned for Green Belt lands in Staffordshire

The proposed development will serve local tourist attractions such as Ashwood Marina

The program will see 35 holiday lodges built on green belt land east of Ashwood Lower Lane near Kingswinford.

The 3.3-acre site, which sits next to the River Stour, will also include a store, car parking space and a toilet / shower block.

An RCA Regeneration Ltd design and access statement accompanying the plans indicates that the development will serve local tourist attractions, including Ashwood Marina.

He said the proposals will also create a new access junction between Ashwood Lower Lane and the site.

The development includes 19 small chalets, 10 medium in size and six large lodges. Each will have a living room, kitchen and two or three bedrooms plus a bathroom and space for at least two cars.

The statement says, “While the proposals constitute a new development in the Green Belt which is strictly controlled, they will be single story and constructed from natural materials, ensuring that they blend effortlessly into the landscape.

“The proposed development proposes to improve the tourist offer at this location in Kingswinford, adjacent to the marina and none of the cottages are proposed to be occupied year round, and the applicant is prepared to accept a condition of properly worded occupation for any permission granted. . “

He adds that the program would support a “thriving rural economy” and fit “into both local and national planning policies”. On-site facilities would be made available to residents, while three jobs would be created in the workshop.

The statement said that although the plans would constitute an “inappropriate development” on the green belt with respect to the national planning policy framework, “the benefits associated with the proposals are likely to constitute very special circumstances which could outweigh this prejudice “.

He adds that if the plans were approved, “substantial landscaping” would likely be proposed around the site boundaries so that it was not visible from the road.

He said in the statement: “Regarding the business case, the applicant will work with Ashwood Marina to provide lodge accommodation options for narrow boat owners and provide accommodation options for downsizers, all of which could contribute to the economy and social activity in and around the channel network. “

The statement concludes: “We consider that the program should be, on the whole, supported and we urge you to consider these proposals favorably.”

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