Great Outdoor Cottages builds new facility in Georgetown

To meet a surge in demand, renowned high-quality cottage manufacturer Great Outdoor Cottages has begun building a state-of-the-art facility in the Georgetown Business Park.

Founded by Ocean City, MD-based outdoor accommodation specialist Blue Water with Mike Scheid and John Longino, Great Outdoor Cottages currently has over 60 employees and a management team with over 185 years of experience. combined experience in building model parks.

Great Outdoor Cottages will move from its temporary facility in Millsboro to the new factory as soon as construction is complete. While the current facility proved adequate to produce the company’s initial units, sales had to be reduced to 171 units due to overwhelming demand and production space limitations. Of those units, 35 have already been completed and delivered, with the first being delivered to a third-party campground in North Carolina in January.

The new manufacturing plant will be built in partnership with the Sussex County Government, with a final size of 50,000 square feet. Dedicated to the construction of cottages, it will serve the regions east of the Mississippi, from Maine to Georgia. The chalets will be built using high-end construction materials and technologies to ensure that they are excellent investments for the properties that purchase them. This includes industry-unique smart foam insulation, smart siding, premium metal roofing and a synthetic exterior look that gives the cabins a coastal and natural feel. The cabins will sleep six people comfortably and will include plenty of storage, a full kitchen, walk-in shower, full bathroom and a back porch.

“Our motto is to build the best looking, strongest park designs in the industry,” said Todd Burbage, CEO of Blue Water and lead investor of Great Outdoor Cottages. “That means we’re not going to cut corners while using innovative construction techniques to create stunning cottages with space-saving amenities and exciting features.”

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