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Pops of color, plush comfort – this idyllic County Mayo cottage is literally picture perfect blending Irish history with modern conveniences.

Just a 15 minute drive from Ballina town, this two bedroom thatched cottage in the town of Knockanillaun is on the market for $289,975 (€285,000).

This 92 square meter house with outbuildings is selling but the listing on MyHome hammers home the point: “Imagine waking up in this charming traditional thatched cottage.”

This owner-occupied house had been “benevolently” renovated. It is described as “a unique opportunity to own a unique piece of Irish heritage in a breathtaking part of the country”.

Located just 7.5km (4.6 miles) from Ballina town center and “all its amenities including the famous River Moy”. Ballina has a population of over 10k. The city is located in the north of County Mayo, in the west of Ireland. It lies at the mouth of the River Moy near Killala Bay in the Valley of Moy, with the Ox Mountains to the east and the Nephin Beg Mountains to the west.

A perfect Irish thatched cottage in the town of Knockanillaun, outside Ballina, County Mayo.

The house comprises a spacious living room with back boiler stove, kitchen, cloakroom, two bedrooms and family bathroom.

The ad is aimed at buyers who want “a secure and private lifestyle”.

A perfect Irish thatched cottage in the town of Knockanillaun, outside Ballina, County Mayo.

A perfect Irish thatched cottage in the town of Knockanillaun, outside Ballina, County Mayo.

He adds that “house hunters with a yearning for the countryside and a piece of Irish tradition will love this perfect period cottage, which has been meticulously restored into a highly desirable modern home, oozing both elegance and charm. and in turn -state key.

“Spectacularly styled home combining warmth, elegance and comfort with an excellent location and an exceptional range of added extras.”

A perfect Irish thatched cottage in the town of Knockanillaun, outside Ballina, County Mayo.

A perfect Irish thatched cottage in the town of Knockanillaun, outside Ballina, County Mayo.

See the full list on MyHome.

No Jersey Shore for Murphy Wed, 06 Jul 2022 10:46:55 +0000

Governor Phil Murphy and his family will not be vacationing on the coast this summer, or anywhere in New Jersey.

The governor and his family are leaving for his multi-million dollar villa in Italy for the next 14 days.

His official schedule lists Murphy on “personal travel,” but his office confirmed to that the family left on Tuesday for La dolce vita, the posh estate that Murphy bought in 2004 for $7.3 million using money he earned at Goldman Sachs.

The 23-bedroom mansion sits on a gated property north of Rome in a town called Parrano.

Often called the “green heart” of Italy, Parrano is a medieval town known for its green hills and very sparsely populated.

The villa estate has a stable, a swimming pool and a tennis court.

In 2018, Britain’s Daily Mail tracked down Murphy’s estate and posted pictures of the property.

Murphy has come under fire for blowing away at his posh villa for 10 days at the height of the COVID pandemic and at a time when the US State Department was urging Americans not to travel to Italy.

New Jersey taxpayers won’t have to pay the governor’s travel expenses, but will foot the bill for Murphy’s security details, including airfare, accommodations and meals.

The Governor has a shore house in Eatontown and access to a state-owned beach house in Island Beach State Park.

Controversy over state-owned property erupted after Governor Chris Christie and his family used the home during a government shutdown that closed Island Beach State Park to the public. Photos of Christie sitting on the beach have become the backdrop for countless memes.

Since then there have been calls for the state to close the house, sell it or rent it to the public.

Murphy will return to the United States on July 14 to attend the National Governor’s Association meeting in Maine, but will return to Italy until July 20.

Eric Scott is the senior policy director and anchor of New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at

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Cape May, NJ: 15 Wonderful Places to Visit

15 Sensational Places to Visit in Seaside Heights and Seaside Park

From the rides to all the boardwalk food to the many water fun, Seaside Heights and nearby Seaside Park has remained a family friendly place for all ages.

Along the way, the Seaside Heights boardwalk and Casino Pier were hit by tragic disasters, such as a fire, Super Hurricane Sandy, and another fire. Both have proven their resilience through reconstruction and expansion.

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Tires and mattresses litter New Orleans’ East End, city processes more than 1,500 illegal dump requests Wed, 06 Jul 2022 02:31:00 +0000

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – Residents of an East New Orleans community have said they’ve been plagued by an illegal dumping ground right in the middle of their neighborhood, and now they’re calling on the city to step in and bring Changes.

Around Wendy Lane and Cindy Place, debris spills onto the streets: tires, mattresses, sofas, laundry baskets. A stone’s throw away are busy townhouses and apartment complexes.

Neighbors tell FOX 8 that illegal dumping on Lake Forest Boulevard has been a problem for years, but when a dump is in the middle of a neighborhood, it erodes their quality of life.

“You will find that this is a non-traditional dump site because there are still people living in this community, children still riding school buses in this community, so you would think it would be discouraged may the landfill be here, may the abandoned buildings be here,” said East New Orleans resident Aeisha Kelly.

Kelly and Mary Smith, a resident who lives in a nearby compound, reached out to the city for answers. Smith submitted a 311 request in May, reporting an illegal dumping in the area.


FOX 8 Defenders: Tires Illegally Dumped in East New Orleans

Two arrested for illegal dumping of tires; locals say more needs to be done

FOX 8 investigates viewer complaint, finds hundreds of tires strewn about Old Gentilly Road

“The misuse of property, whether it’s private property or whether we’re on public land. We have to do something about it,” Smith said. “I know people come here and they abuse our land with what they do here, but you can’t tell me there’s nothing we can do to stop that.”

A city spokesperson said the Department of Sanitation currently has 1,519 requests for illegal dumping pending through 311 across the city. In an email response to Kelly, the department said it only recently completed its 2021 backlog and noted that “remediation will only remove debris on the public right-of-way,” referring Kelly to the code enforcement via a property 311 maintenance request.

Long-abandoned apartment buildings lie across the street, with the many apartment buildings now razed becoming dumps.

“How do you think that makes people who live here feel like they live right next door?” asked FOX 8 reporter David Jones.

“How would you feel if you lived in New Orleans most of your life, even if you came back after Katrina, but that’s what you have to come back to?” replied Smith, who walks the neighborhood daily as part of a movement called Prayer Walkers, encouraging other residents to walk in their communities and pray.

“There are apartment complexes here, and there are children,” Smith added. “It’s what they have to see every day when they leave for school or come home.”

The spokesperson went on to add that the Department of Sanitation “began working on the next tranche of citywide landfill applications, 624 applications submitted between January and March 2022.” They added that the administration is optimistic that American Rescue Plan Act federal dollars will be allocated in the near future, allowing the department to contract with outside vendors to help with dumping claims.

Councilman Oliver Thomas, who represents New Orleans East, said the city needs to better enforce the laws already in place.

“We need to let people know: you can’t do whatever you want in this town, man. You can’t disrespect us like that,” Thomas said. “If I let you get away with the little things, what do I do when you get to the big stuff? And there’s a feeling in this city that people can do what they want, when they want, how they want, with whom they want. We have to send a message that you can’t.

Thomas said he would like to see Code Enforcement step up and start bringing some of the landlords who neglect their properties to justice.

“If they want to be as aggressive as they are and disrespect us, we have to be damn as aggressive as possible behind the charter and behind the law for them to pay the price,” Thomas added.

Regarding the abandoned apartment buildings at 6800 and 6801 Cindy Place, the spokesperson confirms that judgments were entered and paid against the owners in 2018, but since August 2021 the vacant buildings have changed ownership.

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PlainsCapital Bank Adds New Trade Credit Professionals in Houston Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:05:35 +0000

PlainsCapital Bank has hired Philip Ugalde, Jasmine Sadeghpour and Daniel Wheeler as senior vice presidents and senior commercial loan officers in Houston.

“We are very pleased to welcome Philip, Jasmine and Daniel,” said Danny Schroder, Houston Area President of PlainsCapital Bank. “They each have an impressive level of talent and experience that I know will add tremendous value to PlainsCapital’s initiatives to support the business owners, families and individuals we serve across the Lone Star State. “

In his new role, Ugalde will be responsible for new business development, portfolio growth, building and maintaining relationships with referral partners, and expanding the bank’s presence in Texas. He has over 29 years of experience in commercial banking and financial services, most recently as Senior Vice President at Regions Financial.

Sadeghpour will continue to work with commercial real estate developers and investors, focusing on providing debt solutions for all asset types. She was previously at Frost Bank, where she served as vice president of the commercial real estate department for over eight years.

Wheeler will partner with companies to help them achieve their goals. He has over 26 years of experience in commercial and retail banking. Wheeler joined PlainsCapital Bank from Pioneer Bank’s commercial lending group, where he served as senior vice president.

‘The Lost World’: New book sheds light on Japan’s abandoned rural spaces Tue, 05 Jul 2022 01:22:58 +0000

(CNN) — Just saying the word “Japan” can conjure up images of manga, maid cafes, and neon lights.

But for Dutch photographer Maan Limburg, Japan is a series of rural landscapes dotted with empty houses.

His photographs of these places – from homes abandoned in the wake of natural disasters to shuttered theaters with the lights still on – are now featured in a book, “The Lost World”, published in May.

Japan’s ghost houses

Japan has one of the oldest populations in the world, with about one in 1,500 people over the age of 100. As more and more young people move to cities in search of employment, rural areas have become more difficult to maintain.
And that’s not the only major force affecting the Japanese landscape. Events such as earthquakes, typhoons and the Fukushima nuclear disaster have also caused large-scale destruction or abandonment.

Enter the phenomenon of akiya, or ghost houses.

A 2014 government report sounded the alarm, saying that if things continued at the current rate, around 900 villages and towns in Japan would be “extinct”.

Limburg didn’t just find empty houses – there were also abandoned businesses like this DVD store.

Maan Limburg/The Lost World

But even free houses aren’t necessarily the cure for Japan’s akiya situation. While other countries with aging populations, such as Italy, have given or sold very cheap houses to foreigners, they often come with a visa or residence permit. The houses of Japan, however, do not.

As a result, it can be difficult to find people willing to live in the houses and repair them, especially if they don’t speak Japanese or don’t have access to a car.

Limburg, which is based in Utrecht, has found itself irresistibly drawn to the lesser-known parts of Japan where many of these houses exist. She and her partner have been there for months at a time, renting a car or van and driving through parts of the country that many tourists rarely explore.

Finding ephemera like calendars and journals can help Limburg determine when a place was abandoned.

Finding ephemera like calendars and journals can help Limburg determine when a place was abandoned.

Maan Limburg/The Lost World

Leave the cities

Limburg says she “fell in love” with rural Japan.

“In every village we came to, people were like, ‘What are you doing here? The nearest tourist attraction is 35 kilometers away. We can send you there. We can draw you a map if you want.’ It was really nice to see this other side of Japan,” she says.

And once she started visiting smaller villages, it was almost impossible not to find empty houses or abandoned buildings. At one point, Limburg says, her boyfriend asked if they really should stop at each.

One of the reasons Limburg bonded with rural Japan is that it reminded them of their native Netherlands. Although both countries have a reputation for being cold and not always welcoming to foreign visitors, Limburg disagrees.

“As soon as the Dutch see that you’re really interested, they’ll share a lot of information with you. That’s something I found true in Japan as well,” she says. “That’s one of the things I really appreciate about both countries, if you really care about people, they suddenly share their lives with you,” he added.

But of course, not all landscapes are the same, and that was reflected in the kinds of empty buildings she found.

In Hokkaido, Limburg says, many people have had time to tightly seal and caulk their homes before moving. But in areas like Fukushima, where people had hastily fled, it was not uncommon to find teacups still in place or TVs still plugged in.

One of his favorite discoveries was an ancient theatre. The sets, costumes, and lights were still intact, as if the actors had simply taken a lunch break and had to be back any minute.

Some of the smaller houses had the most emotional punch. Limburg saw family photos still hanging on the wall and found herself wondering what had happened to the people who lived here and what made them leave.

“I hope I treated the place with enough respect,” she says.

His favorite region was the “magical” island in the north of Hokkaido.

“It’s rough and it’s rugged and it’s weird,” says the photographer. “We felt like we were in an Edward Hopper painting with no one there.”

“Once you start looking for empty houses,” Limburg says, “they’re everywhere.”

Maan Limburg/The Lost World


In all, Limburg visited Japan about 10 times, starting in his teenage years.

Because she is independent, she can spend long periods of time away, so her average visit to Japan was three weeks. Several trips allowed her to see different parts of the country, as well as meet and connect with some of the people she met along the way.

“The Lost World” is more than just a photo book, it’s a tribute to the country she loves and respects.
Price £1,199,950 for quaint cottage in North Yorks village Mon, 04 Jul 2022 17:04:00 +0000

Overlooking pretty Thornton Beck, Bleach Mill also offers the five-star Puddleduck Cottage, a vacation rental that could also be another full-time residence.

Bleach Mill is spacious inside: its light and airy dining kitchen has Aga and oak units, with a separate utility room and a rear storage room or hall. A downstairs shower room is another useful facility, joining the living room and a dining area. Five bedrooms and two newly renovated bath and shower rooms are found on the first floor. Charming Puddleduck Cottage boasts vaulted ceilings, original beams and modern comfort floor. Its entrance hall leads to a kitchen open to the living and dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom, and it has private parking and gardens with an open aspect to the rear.The gardens with Bleach Mill’s lawn has mixed flower borders and multiple seating areas. with stables and grass paddock adds appeal for anyone with horses or ponies but could also be suitable for other purposes including the garage. A gravelled area provides off-street parking. Thornton le Dale is known for its chocolate box appeal and desirability as a North Yorkshire National Park location and has fabulous scenery and walks. The village has many amenities , including places to eat and drink , and independent shops.

Bleach Mill, Maltongate, Thornton le Dale, is for sale for £1,199,950 from Cundalls Estate Agents.

Call 01751 472766 for more information.

Slaughter Beach in Delaware a destination for ecotourism enthusiasts – Baltimore Sun Mon, 04 Jul 2022 10:01:33 +0000

SLAUGHTER BEACH, Delaware — With many Delawarens flocking to the beaches of Rehoboth and Dewey this time of year, one of the state’s lesser-known beach towns is experiencing a tourism boom.

For some, the horseshoe crabs, red knots and other wildlife of Slaughter Beach trump the shops, boardwalk and nightlife.

A town with just two businesses, the North Sussex county spot is seeing a surge in visitors interested in ecotourism, according to Mayor Bob Wood, who said its popularity is unlike anything he has seen since he lives there.

Wood, a Baltimore native, bought a house in Slaughter Beach with his wife in December 1999, vacationing at the house before moving there permanently in 2016. He said that while the town has gentrified in over the years, the recent increase in ecotourists reflects an early boom in the region’s history.

It recalled the time when the city was incorporated in the 1930s.

“You have to think there was no Bay Bridge back then, and Rehoboth was really still a religious destination back then. In Slaughter Beach there were hotels, a dance hall, a boardwalk where people in that area wanted to go,” Wood said.

“People came to visit Slaughter Beach during this time, but as Rehoboth comes, the Bay Bridge comes and Ocean City [Maryland] becoming more and more popular, our beach has become that type of sleepy fishing village again.”

The town of 250 people, founded in 1681 and incorporated in 1931, has remained such a destination for ecotourists who visit year-round. Wood said that during the summer Slaughter can see 800 to 900 visitors at any one time and he has noticed more day trippers over the past year than ever before.

Sixteen residents rent out their homes during the summer, Wood said, speculating that many ecotourists use those accommodations.

The mayor first became aware of the increase in this tourism as the calendar approached the mating season for horseshoe crabs, usually between May and June. He said that while walking around town, he noticed all the rentals were full and some visitors had set up campsites.

After speaking with the locals, he learned that the campers were bird enthusiasts, looking for some of the area’s most notable shorebirds, such as sanderlings, semipalmated sandpipers and red knots.

“The ecosystem of this region is quite unique. Each species works together and plays its part, as horseshoe crabs will bring knots, sanderlings and other shorebirds. Horseshoe crabs and red knots are the rock stars, but ultimately people come here to see nature,” Wood said.

While there will always be an audience for the city’s wildlife, he said the increase in ecotourism could be attributed to recent efforts to protect the environment at Slaughter Beach.

In August 2021, a study by the University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Finance found that Delaware’s Mispillion and Cedar Creek watersheds – which encompass much of the Milford and Slaughter Beach area – provide millions of dollars to nearby communities and their residents through wildlife viewing and outdoor recreation. . Specifically, the report states that Abbott’s Mill Nature Center in Milford generated up to $6.3 million annually from visitor activity and that wildlife activity at Slaughter Beach generated more. of a million dollars.

The study was conducted by The Pew Charitable Trusts in conjunction with the Waterways Infrastructure & Investment Network, which aims to capitalize on the economic value of the two watersheds by exploring investments to protect them and encourage ecotourism. The network is made up of Resilient and Sustainable Communities League stakeholders, including Delaware Sea Grant, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, and the Delaware Department of Transportation.

WIIN will develop management plans and potential investments to protect the area from hazards created by climate change, such as reduced coastlines that increase the risk of flooding. These projects will be funded by a federal grant provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and will match dollars from Delaware Sea Grant, The Pew Charitable Trusts and others, totaling more than $220,000.

For Danielle Swallow, Delaware Sea Grant coastal risk expert and WIIN project manager, the support of Delaware Sea Grant and other RASCL partners will be a big help.

“All of our work is about supporting the capacity of Delaware communities and undertaking planning to be more resilient to weather and climate change. We talk about capacity building. Milford and Slaughter Beach are relatively small towns in Delaware, and when you have a town like Slaughter Beach, where it’s mostly benevolent government, they don’t have the ability to get major federal grants and implement projects, so RASCL and WIIN go a long way in bringing partners to the table to help,” she said.

The area surrounding the Mispillion and Cedar Creek watersheds — which cover nearly 130 miles of the state’s coastline — is one of the largest stretches of undisturbed natural resources in Delaware, Swallow added. And in addition to being a sanctuary for horseshoe crabs, Slaughter Beach is in the path of an internationally recognized flyway for migrating birds, which feast on the eggs of these animals.

Swallow said it was important to secure funding to build resilience to climate change, as well as to encourage economic opportunity in the region through nature. In Milford, this includes capitalizing on the Mispillion River by expanding the community and inviting commercial development. In Slaughter, initiatives focus on environmentally friendly investing.

She said WIIN not only looks at typical economic indicators, but also at the intrinsic values ​​that the ecosystem brings to communities like Slaughter Beach.

The morning sun

The morning sun


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After considering these factors, a variety of environmentally friendly investments will be considered, such as more kayak launches on the Mispillion River, a more consistent cycle path between Milford and Slaughter Beach, bird watching platforms in cities and environmentally friendly businesses, Swallow said.

The stewardship of residents in these small communities shows how much Delawares cares about the state’s wildlife and natural resources, she added.

“We are a conduit to demonstrate the value and the opportunity that exists to further invest in Slaughter Beach and the region, as there will be a great return on investment if we protect these natural resources,” Swallow said.

“In towns like Slaughter Beach, they are very, very environmentally conscious. They really care about wildlife; they will flip horseshoe crabs when needed and they will maintain the health of their resources. There’s a certain way of life that people in these communities really want to protect, and I think it’s important for us to always try to support these small towns and the rich natural resources that surround them.

According to Wood, while Slaughter isn’t teeming with tourists, it offers a different encounter that vacationers won’t get anywhere else.

“It’s a different vibe, that’s for sure. It is another type of relaxation; some people like to go out on the boardwalk or party, while others like to watch nature. There’s nothing wrong with it either, but it gives people the opportunity to see the natural beauty of our state,” he said.

“You can have a different experience at Slaughter Beach, and I think people have realized that when you think of beaches in Delaware, it’s not just Thrasher’s, Dolle’s and Candy Kitchen.”

F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton is selling his New York apartment for $69.1m Sun, 03 Jul 2022 23:19:18 +0000

It has been a fortnight of dizzying highs and devastating lows for British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

The seven-time F1 world champion was denied his eighth title last weekend in such a controversial way that you would forgive the Briton for being left in an indefinite state of bitterness.

But, being the true gentleman and sportsman that he is, he seems to have already shrugged off the events of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last weekend, smiling for the cameras and Prince Charles himself when he was knighted on Wednesday.

Prior to the now infamous vicissitude, however, Sir Lewis was marking another purple sector of life, selling his New York penthouse for a barely believable $69.1 million.

Lewis Hamilton has sold his New York penthouse for $69.1 million. Photo:
Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 New York City Manhattan penthouse celebrity
The ceilings in the main living room are over six meters high. Photo:

Hamilton bought the stunning Tribeca triplex bachelor pad in 2017 for a sizeable $61.3 million, meaning the Mercedes Formula 1 driver pocketed $7.8 million in just four short years.

It’s unclear if the net profit is cause for so much celebration, as Hamilton reportedly earned at least $77 million this year on salary alone, not including his many money-making endorsements.

Still, the sale of the Tribeca triplex set a record as the most expensive residential property sold in midtown Manhattan in 2021, and judging by the extent of the property, it’s not hard to see why. .

Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 New York City Manhattan penthouse celebrity
The building was constructed in the late 1800s. Photo:

“Penthouse H”, as it is called, is essentially three separate premises joined together to create a 1115 square meter leviathan in the sky.

The absolute opulence offered by this penthouse is staggering, with things like a bespoke Christopher Peacock kitchen, 6.1 meter high ceilings, a private elevator, a library and a magnificent plunge pool.

The six-bedroom, six-bathroom penthouse also boasts a huge rooftop terrace with a spa and stunning views of the downtown Manhattan skyline.

Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 New York City Manhattan penthouse celebrity
The expansive rooftop terrace has a spa and offers views of the Manhattan skyline. Photo:

According Forbesthe property’s new owner is unknown, with records showing Penthouse H was purchased by a Seattle, Washington-based front company.

It’s also unclear what the runner’s motivation was to sell the impressive residence.

But, given that Hamilton has a property portfolio rivaling Leonardo DiCaprio and that he spends most of his time in Monaco, we suspect he won’t lament the loss of the penthouse as much as the loss of his eighth world title.

Today’s Mortgage, Refinance Rate: July 3, 2022 Sun, 03 Jul 2022 10:00:54 +0000

Last week, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate fell after three straight weeks of increases. In mid-June, this rate shot up dramatically, from 5.23% to 5.78%. Now it is at 5.7%.

News of inflation rising and higher than expected

Federal Reserve

rate hikes have created


in the markets, pushing up mortgage rates. Their increase will largely depend on inflation and the reaction of the markets and the Fed.

At the start of the pandemic, mortgage rates fell, encouraging consumers to buy homes at unprecedented rates. The average 30-year fixed mortgage rate hit an all-time low of 2.65% in 2021. Today, that rate is more than three percentage points higher than its all-time low. The added cost of borrowing kept some buyers out of the market, which had a dampening effect on home buying.

Today’s Mortgage Rates

Today’s Refinance Rates

mortgage calculator

Use our free mortgage calculator to see how today’s mortgage rates will affect your monthly and long-term payments.

mortgage calculator

Your estimated monthly payment

  • pay one 25% a higher down payment would save you $8,916.08 on interest charges
  • Lower the interest rate by 1% would save you $51,562.03
  • Pay an extra fee $500 each month would reduce the term of the loan by 146 month

By plugging in different terms and interest rates, you’ll see how your monthly payment might change.

Are mortgage rates increasing?

Mortgage rates started to recover from historic lows in the second half of 2021 and may continue to rise throughout 2022.

Over the past 12 months, the consumer price index has increased by 8.6%. The Federal Reserve has been struggling to keep inflation under control and plans to raise the target federal funds rate four more times this year, following increases in March, May and June.

Although not directly tied to the federal funds rate, mortgage rates are often pushed higher by Fed rate hikes. As the central bank continues to tighten monetary policy to reduce inflation, mortgage rates are likely to remain high.

What do high rates mean for the housing market?

When mortgage rates rise, the purchasing power of homebuyers decreases, as more of their projected housing budget must be spent on interest payments. If rates get high enough, buyers can be shut out of the market altogether, cooling demand and putting downward pressure on home price growth.

However, that doesn’t mean house prices will go down – in fact, they’re expected to rise even more this year, just at a slower pace than what we’ve seen over the past two years.

What is a good mortgage rate?

It can be difficult to know if a lender is offering you a good rate, which is why it’s so important to get pre-approved with several

mortgage lenders

and compare each offer. Apply for pre-approval from at least two or three lenders.

Your price isn’t the only thing that matters. Be sure to compare both your monthly costs and your upfront costs, including lender fees.

Although mortgage rates are heavily influenced by economic factors beyond your control, there are steps you can take to ensure you get a good rate:

  • Consider fixed rates versus adjustable rates. You may be able to get a lower introductory rate with an adjustable rate mortgage, which can be beneficial if you plan to move before the end of the introductory period. But a fixed rate might be better if you’re buying a house forever, because you don’t risk your rate going up later. Examine the rates offered by your lender and weigh your options.
  • Look at your finances. The stronger your financial situation, the lower your mortgage rate should be. Look for ways to increase your credit score or reduce your debt ratio, if necessary. Saving for a larger down payment also helps.
  • Choose the right lender. Each lender charges different mortgage rates. Choosing the right one for your financial situation will help you get a good rate.

Wireless internet to be extended to rural homes as broadband plan continues Sun, 03 Jul 2022 08:00:20 +0000

A local TD has called on the government to work with wireless broadband providers to reuse equipment that will be removed from homes when connected to the new fiber cable under the National Broadband Plan.

Denis Naughten TD said that as National Broadband Ireland brings fiber broadband to rural homes, families will forgo their existing wireless services.

He said this now presents an opportunity to improve the quality of wireless broadband services for families further down the list of deployment areas, by reusing this equipment.

“For this to happen, councils and state agencies must provide sites for these wireless operators so that they can install transmitters to distribute wireless broadband service,” Roscommon-Galway TD said.

“Because these wireless service extensions will have a short lifespan, until the end of 2027, when it is now likely that the national broadband plan will be completed, these sites should be provided free of charge by councils and state agencies.”

Naughten added that while disappointingly National Broadband Ireland is likely to see a slide with its final delivery date pushed back to 2027, the silver lining of the scheme is that almost a third of families who can connect to the network do so during the first six months of its availability.

“This rapid sign-up for a fiber optic connection provides an opportunity for re-use of existing wireless equipment and the government must now engage with wireless operators to make this happen.”