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The former Franklin Street and Church Street Police Headquarters are about to welcome their first long-term residential tenants. Douglas Development has started pre-leasing for Police apartments with occupancy from next month. According to plans prepared by Antunovich Associates, 114 apartments occupy the historic building that Douglas Jemal bought from the City for $ 3.05 million. Carmina Wood Morris has been involved in project approvals and tax credit work.

Studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom plans are available. Studios vary in size from 400 to 957 square feet and are priced from $ 1,200 to $ 2,800. One bedroom plans cost between $ 1,650 and $ 2,600 and range in size from 567 to 1,224 square feet. A two-bedroom unit includes 987 square feet of space and is priced at $ 2,700.

Apartments feature keyless entry, tiled showers, quartz countertops, tile backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, custom blinds, and washers and dryers in each unit. The building’s amenities include a fitness center, club room and lounge, co-working space and green space for pets.

Parking for 84 cars is provided in the basement and part of the first floor.

This is Douglas Development’s second completed downtown residential project. The company created 104 apartments in the annex buildings of One Seneca which were quickly let out. Many more are in the works. Jemal is making plans for around 600 apartments in the Statler, has approved a three-story addition to a plaza-level commercial building in One Seneca that would include 33 apartments, and is planning an unknown number of residences on properties he is buying from. . Simon Electric along Ellicott Street. The city is currently reviewing the company’s plans for a nine-story building west of Seneca One that would include parking for 300 vehicles topped with 148 apartments and has submitted a proposal to redevelop the city’s Mohawk Ramp that would include 200 residences, parking and commercial space.

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Restaurant News: When “buy local” takes on a whole new meaning Sat, 18 Sep 2021 01:07:14 +0000

Washington state’s cottage food industry grows entrepreneurs of all kinds. Some are content to stay small and are content to stay in their family kitchen; others see it as a stepping stone to a full launch in a commercial / retail location.

Here is the skinny:

Home / Cottage industry locations have a business license with the State of Washington and their location city, as well as a cottage permit through the State Department of Agriculture. Washington.

Cottage businesses have grown nationwide over the past 15 years, and about 32 states now have cottage food laws. Washington State lists approximately 1,100 approved craft businesses. Waiting times for getting a permit have changed dramatically since the start of the pandemic. The number of applicants has grown exponentially, and the Washington State Department of Agriculture has now extended turnaround times, something the department has never seen before.

Chalet, ephemeral community bakery in Perrinville.

Our local supplier of ephemeral pastries and breads: – Edmonds Cottage, the community bakery owned by Conor O’Neill, started giving bread down their aisle in May 2019 – and officially became an ‘industry of cottages »Company.

Conor takes his love of baking to the next level.

Baking is Conor O’Neill’s favorite activity.

The Cottage, Community Bakery will soon be opening a storefront at 7530 Olympic View Drive # 101 in the Perrinville neighborhood (on the Edmonds / Lynnwood border) this fall and will become a full-fledged retailer.

What is the difference between a “commercial kitchen” and “cottage industry” food supplier?

Different preparation and no commercial or special equipment allowed, on the one hand.

In a previous story, Zoe Sonoda, owner of Brier-based Moon Rabbit Pastry, shared with Restaurant News: We are not allowed to use professional equipment, such as fancy blenders or ovens. All cooking must take place in the license holder’s kitchen. We are therefore not necessarily qualified as “professional or commercial”. Once this language is used, people expect the state to require a completely different license and permit agreement. “

Moon Rabbit Corn Flake Cookies

This type of permit differs from a commercial food establishment in that it allows the processing of non-hazardous food in a personal kitchen. Products for sale should not require refrigeration. No custard, no fresh whipped cream, no cut fruit, to name a few.

Licensees have a lengthy application process, a home inspection (although they are not regularly inspected from a commercial perspective) and have a food handler license. They are required to list all types of equipment, dishes, scales, toothpicks, etc. that will come into contact with the products.

Applicants should describe their floor plan, label and list the chalet items that are stored on a separate shelf. They must provide their disinfection and cleaning practices, plans for children and pets during processing, and the tedious step-by-step description of how they will package the products.

Then – the process of creating labels, based on the recipes of each product sold.

Very strict guidelines exist for permitted and prohibited products. A Cottage Cooking Permit allows for a maximum of 50 main recipes and endless variations of those recipes.

So depending on what a person is doing, it could be just a few labels (recipes) or a lot!

“I have over 200 ‘labels’, which consist of my 50 plus any other ingredient / product combinations I want to create,” noted Sonada. She further shared that she had “no desire” to enter a retail store. She is happy as a “cottage business”.

Another craft business that is happy to remain a craft business is called Angry Fish.

Earl Bricker is the co-owner of this Edmonds-based business with his partner Cynthia Hinson. Bricker is old school – he preferred a phone call – so I dialed the number and we had a chat.

Bricker is the creator of these amazing Angry Fish jams, which are handcrafted in small batches. This makes them a real labor of love. Berries, fruits and sometimes chili peppers are of the best quality and, if possible, locally sourced. Another key to great flavors, Bricker said, is that Angry Fish uses a shorter cooking time. This not only brings an explosion of flavor, but a beautiful jam in bright colors.

For the “hot” versions, Bricker explained that he uses two different types of peppers – habanero and scorpion. He shared that the secret to making them spicy without setting your mouth on fire is dried or dehydrated pulverized peppers. You taste the spice without burning your tonsils.

Cynthia Hinson is the mastermind of the operation. She does all the “not-so-fun stuff” like paying the bills; track purchases, expenses, etc., Bricker said.

Passage Kathy with Santa Earl. (Photo by Larry Vogel)

Good memories of Christmases gone by came when we visited – I first met this supplier of jams at Sound Styles, where he works in the moonlight as Santa Earl during the holidays. I came home with a jar of raspberry habanero and can attest that it is wonderful as an instant appetizer, over cream cheese and a great frosting for many meats and veggies.

Bricker clearly enjoys making jam as a supplier to the cottage industry. He can get out of bed and head for the kitchen when he feels the creative urge to knock. There is no pressure. He can earn as little or as much as he wants because, as he says, “my day job pays the bills.

Bricker has worked for the US Post for over 20 years.

He started Angry Fish in 2014, when asked how the company got its name, his response made me laugh, adding that if he “had a dollar for every time I was asked that question” , he wouldn’t need to sell jam!

Earl explained that what’s in the pot is the most important part. “It’s what people pay for, not fancy packaging. “

When it came to designing a label and other details besides the actual jam, he wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Sitting in his kitchen, he glanced across the room and saw a decorative tile of a fish, but it was a happy-looking fish. – like a fish, caught on a hook… “Angry fish!” “

Angry Fish has many flavors to choose from. One bite and you’ll be hooked like the fish on the jar. The products are available in various places, see Facebook and its website for more information. Or just call Earl.

I encourage readers, because you are the consumers of these products, to learn about Washington State’s cottage power laws.

The links below list a few websites, and many cottage industry sites also have FAQs and offer 100% transparency on the products they sell. It is important to understand this branch of the restaurant business.

Here are the links for more information:

Here are a few other artisanal food businesses in our area that I haven’t had a chance to interview personally, but are certainly worth checking out for yourselves:

Tasty Bakes by Becky, in Lynnwood: 425-681-1328,

Crystallized Cookies is in such high demand that it is “reserved” until mid-October. Check out her Instagram to see why. 206-498-2056,

Located in Mountlake Terrace, Good Choices bakery specializes in gluten-free bread:

Annemarie cakes with “Amazing Macarons!” Lynnwood area, 425-301-7887

Browned and Toasted, LLC: Specialty is Crispy Rice Treats, Lake Forest Park, 206-778-3616,

Amara’s Bakeshop: Her baking philosophy: “If you want to waste calories on baked goods, they might as well be good. »Located in Lake Forest Park, 425-633-9607

Bottom line: Yet another way to support local businesses. Speaking of which, there is a Moon Rabbit Pastry event this Saturday, September 18 from 11 am to 1 pm – a “Pastry Pop-Up” hosted by our friends at Ono Poke, 10016 Edmonds Way, Edmonds.

– By Kathy Passage

A gourmet specialtyAs a food broker for over 30 years, Kathy Passage has an in-depth knowledge of foods and the special qualities of the ingredients used in the exquisite products she has helped bring to market. Kathy brings this unique ‘other side of the plate’ perspective to writing on the food and dining scene in Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.

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Upcoming regulations for street vendors, according to Mayor Gloria Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:57:14 +0000

SAN DIEGO – Street vendors are popping up all over San Diego, allowed to set up virtually anywhere within city limits with few regulations.

One of the main places they gather to sell merchandise is along the Mission Beach boardwalk. Mission Beach City Council chairman and local business owner Matthew Gardner said he’s had enough.

“The most glaring part for me is that it just tramples on the beautified space of the public park that they decided to install everywhere,” Gardner said.

Every weekend and on certain days of the week, vendors flock to wherever they can, selling everything from hot dogs to jewelry.

“What the city has not done is provide local regulation of this trade, and as a result you find yourself in a situation where parts of our community are overrun with street vendors,” said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. “And people are understandably upset.”

To understand how San Diego got here, it’s important to understand how it all started. Former California Governor Jerry Brown passed AB 946 in 2018, also known as the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act, which decriminalized sidewalk vending statewide. The intention was to bring vendors out of the shadows as viable contributors to local economies.

The state left it up to each city to regulate, and Coronado, National City, and Oceanside all had rules in place within months. The City of San Diego still does not.

“The right time to have these regulations passed was about two years ago,” Gloria said. “Here we are today, just cleaning up after that.” And you’ve seen things like that before – scooters, vacation rentals, things that were allowed, but the city kind of got its head in the sand. We no longer put our heads in the sand.

Business owners are frustrated claiming they are paying high rent to legally operate their stores.

“From a business owner’s perspective, it’s very frustrating,” Gardner said. “Outside in front of my shop, I watch over 200 vendors every day in the heat of summer, when I need to make the most money.”

The majority of street vendors have settled in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, two seaside communities in the District of Council President Jennifer Campbell.

“We meet with various groups, including vendor groups that support vendors. We want things to be fair for everyone, we want things to be balanced, ”she said.

Campbell and Gloria said they expect city council to consider new regulations within the next 30 days, and the mayor has set aside $ 250,000 to help sellers who will need to purchase permits or special licenses. to get to the code.

“We will provide sensible regulations that address the safety concerns present in many of our communities while allowing the intent of state legislation, which was micro-level commerce, allowing people to start their small businesses. “said Gloria. .

FOX 5 reached out to the vendors to hear their thoughts, but they declined to be formally interviewed, saying they had previously been harassed by area residents.

One seller said he only sells items during the summer for extra money and plans to pack his bags and close his stand very soon.

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Cottage Health Appoints Kevin Davidson Vice President of Outpatient Services | Your health Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:56:00 +0000 Posted on September 17, 2021
| 5:56 p.m.

Kevin davidson

Cottage Health has named Kevin Davidson vice president of ambulatory services and network development. In this role, he provides leadership and direction for Cottage’s ambulatory health services, including Cottage Urgent Care, Grotenhuis Pediatric Clinics and Cottage Specialty Clinics.

Davidson brings some 20 years of experience and demonstrated leadership skills for strategic growth, outpatient expansion, physician alignment and digital health.

Most recently, he was Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Services at MemorialCare Health System in Fountain Valley, where he developed a broad range of outpatient services and led growth and innovation initiatives for his medical group and Independent divisions. Physicians Association.

Prior to joining MemorialCare, Davidson was director of strategy for PersonalCare Physicians in Irvine, a group of concierge medical firms. He has held executive director positions at Banner Medical Group / Banner Health System in Phoenix, Arizona, and at the Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach.

Davidson received a BS in Biology from UC San Diego and an MS in Health Care Administration from the University of Minnesota.

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How hope, fear and misinformation drove thousands of Haitians to the US border Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:48:05 +0000

The United States is home to around one million Haitians, with the largest numbers concentrated in Miami, Boston and New York. But Haitian communities have flourished in Maryland, Ohio, North Carolina and California.

This week, the United States resumed deportation flights to Haiti under Title 42, an emergency public health order that empowered the government to seal the border and turn back migrants during the pandemic. Immigration and Customs Enforcement repatriated around 90 Haitians, including families, on Wednesday.

The move drew strong reprimands from immigrant advocates and lawmakers who said the administration should offer Haitians legal protection and the ability to seek asylum rather than repatriating them to their home countries. struggling just a month after the earthquake.

“It is cruel and wrong to send someone back to Haiti now,” said Steve Forester, immigration policy coordinator at the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti.

But the return of Haitians to their country of origin is “essential to prevent this kind of situation from developing,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors limiting immigration. “If a Haitian who arrives at the US border is free of domicile, then more people will. If you have lived in Brazil or Chile for years, one of your children was born here, you are not entitled to asylum. You have been firmly resettled in another country.

At the spillway north of the Del Rio International Bridge, a two-lane artery that connects the small, bicultural town to Mexico, on Friday, migrants from the growing crowd became restless while waiting to be processed by border officials. They wandered around the camp, which was filling with hundreds of new arrivals on Friday, and crossed the Rio Grande to Ciudad Acuña, where they bought as much hot food and cold drinks as they could carry.

Near the bridge, enterprising migrants have settled down, shouting their goods and prices. It looked like an outdoor market, and by mid-afternoon the piles of garbage were strewn across the dirt floor. As the sun intensified, so did the dust, which left a thin layer on clothes, cellphones and bodies.

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County approves new ORV rules Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:26:09 +0000 The county vacation rentals map is available at by scrolling to the vacation rentals link. Thursday’s approval of a revised vacation home rental ordinance may satisfy a federal judge enough to lift an order preventing some of its provisions from being …]]>

rentals map is available at by scrolling to the vacation rentals link.”/>

The county vacation rentals map is available at by scrolling to the vacation rentals link.

Thursday’s approval of a revised vacation home rental ordinance may satisfy a federal judge enough to lift an order preventing some of its provisions from being implemented, but it may not be enough for those who have challenged them. new rules in July.

OHV owner’s attorney Rick Campbell said the county has got off to a good start, but the changes to the ordinance haven’t gone far enough.

“My clients also have constitutional rights,” Campbell said, noting that the county declared Constitution Day Friday. “If we can work together, we can solve all of these problems and get a prescription that works for everyone. “

Campbell specifically questioned a requirement in the ordinance that prevents residents from holding more than one permit and the 600 permit cap.

In addition to approving the revised ordinance, the county also appointed five members to the vacation home rental advisory committee.

Gardnerville resident Patti Graf will join Michael Sloan, Lauren Romain, Keith Byer and Mickie Hempler on the VHR Advisory Board.

The committee has yet to meet after its membership was challenged by US District Court Judge Robert C. Jones.

Originally, the panel was made up entirely of residents of Lake Tahoe, but the judge said limiting two board seats to ORV licensees unfairly balanced the board.

In an effort to resolve the issue, the county changed the membership of the committee to include a resident of the Township of East Fork. Since vacation home rentals are prohibited in Douglas County outside of Tahoe Township, the fifth member is essentially a non-ORV licensee.

Kingsbury General Improvement District chairperson Natalie Yanish, who served on the ORV working group, said she believes the new committee has a lot to do besides hearing calls for fines for rentals unauthorized vacation.
“Much of the language in the ordinance is still vague,” she said. “I hope the advisory board will look not only at individual complaints, but at a higher level of policy development.”

Under the order, the advisory committee will return to the commissioners in six months with suggestions to further revise the order.

“Nothing we have done here has been arbitrary,” deputy county manager Jenifer Davidson told commissioners. “All of this has been carefully considered. “

She said the advisory committee will collect data while it operates to help improve the ordinance.

She thanked the Commissioners for not revising the ordinance further.

Commissioners voted 3-2 to uphold a $ 5,000 fine for a Kingsbury resident for operating an unlicensed vacation rental.

Once the committee is in place, it will hear violation appeals. With a revised fine of up to $ 20,000 for operating an unlicensed vacation rental

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In unfinished Evergrande apartments in central China, buyers search for answers Fri, 17 Sep 2021 15:22:00 +0000

LUOYANG, China, September 17 (Reuters) – A constant stream of anxious apartment buyers have flocked to the sales office at the Evergrande Oasis complex outside the city of Luoyang this week, seeking answers after the shutdown of construction by the severe cash shortage of the giant developer.

Work on the five-tower condominium and 16 apartment blocks in the vast central China development have been halted since August and July, respectively, according to a staff member who declined to give her name.

The complex is one of a host of unfinished homes across the country that have seen work stop due to the crisis that engulfed China Evergrande Group

Evergrande, the country’s second-largest real estate developer, is pushing to raise funds to pay lenders, suppliers and investors, with regulators warning that its $ 305 billion in liabilities could pose greater risks to the country’s financial system if they are not stabilized.

“We are concerned that if Evergrande goes bankrupt, its assets could be frozen and we would lose the house,” said Tan Liangliang, who is part of a social media group of about 200 worried buyers of the Evergrande Oasis project in Luoyang.

Many such groups have sprung up for the Oasis Project, where unfinished towers stand next to rows of completed and occupied high-rise apartments.

Of the 16 blocks, at various stages of completion, the cranes were unused and no workers were visible. Sheets of plastic slammed from some balconies, steel rebars protruded from others.

Some buyers said they expected construction to resume this month or next, but others said sales agents simply told them to wait. The staff member who refused to identify himself said construction would resume in late October or early November, but gave no further details.

He said the apartments were sold there late last year for 9,800 yuan ($ 1,518.81) per square meter, or about $ 197,000 for a 130 square meter unit.

An unfinished residential building is pictured through a construction site door at Evergrande Oasis, a real estate complex developed by Evergrande Group, in Luoyang, China on September 16, 2021. REUTERS / Carlos Garcia Rawlins

“I collapsed when I heard that construction had stopped. My heart hurts,” a middle-aged woman who refused to give her name outside the sales office told Reuters. “For ordinary people like us, all of our savings had gone into the house.”

Across China, Evergrande has hundreds of thousands of unfinished units due for delivery to buyers, Raymond Cheng, chief executive of CGS-CIMB Securities, told Reuters last month.

Evergrande did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Cheng’s numbers, the Oasis complex, or other stopped projects.

At the end of last month, the company said some projects had been put on hold due to late payments to suppliers and contractors, and that it was in negotiations with them and coordinating with the government to resume construction.

Earlier this month, he held a pledge-signing ceremony with project teams across the country, promising buyers that construction would continue.

“Two years ago when we were deciding which property to buy, we chose Evergrande because we believed that being such a big brand wouldn’t have cash flow issues like other real estate companies,” said another buyer. , refusing to give his name.

Buyers are placing their hopes on the government, which has asked Evergrande to guarantee it will be able to deliver the units sold.

“It’s a national problem, I don’t think the government will let it explode,” said another owner.

($ 1 = 6.4524 yuan Chinese renminbi)

Reporting by Yew Lun Tian; Additional reporting by Clare Jim in Hong Kong Editing by Tony Munroe and Pravin Char

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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White House Warns of Economic Catastrophe Without Debt Limit Action Fri, 17 Sep 2021 14:35:00 +0000 A general view of the White House in Washington, USA on July 15, 2021. REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst / File Photo

WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 (Reuters) – The White House warned on Friday that a failure by the U.S. Congress to extend the debt ceiling could plunge the economy into recession and lead to cuts to essential public services.

The government faces an October debt limit date, after which it might not be able to pay all of its bills without Congressional approval.

President Joe Biden, a Democrat, and his aides tried to negotiate a deal with Republicans to resolve a showdown over raising the federal borrowing limit to $ 28.5 trillion.

The administration is warning lawmakers that the country risks another financial crisis and default on its payment obligations.

“Economic growth would weaken, unemployment would rise and the labor market could lose millions of jobs,” the White House said in a new fact sheet.

For months, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen urged Congress to act, saying the cash flow and “extraordinary measures” used to temporarily fund the US government would run out in October.

But Republicans, who lost control of the White House in the 2020 election and do not hold a majority in the Senate or House of Representatives, balked and put the potential crisis on the Democrats’ shoulders. Read more

“It is absolutely indescribable, unthinkable that we allow the federal government to default on the obligations it has already undertaken,” White House economic adviser Brian Deese told MSNBC on Friday.

“We are confident it will happen.”

Reporting by Susan Heavey, Steve Holland and Trevor Hunnicutt; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky, Chizu Nomiyama and Andrea Ricci

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Committee Examines Potential Land Options In Long Beach | New Fri, 17 Sep 2021 09:30:00 +0000

ROCKPORT – The Long Beach Options Committee has created a draft options for the city to consider once the leases for the Long Beach cabins are completed.

The options were listed by Chairman Kenneth Kaiser at the committee meeting on Wednesday. Going forward, Kaiser said the committee would be tasked with determining how much each scenario would cost the city.

Long Beach cottage owners own their homes but rent the land they are built on to the city. The latest round of leases for $ 75 million of city-owned beach land is set to expire in 2023.

If the chosen men choose to renew the leases, they may also decide to rebuild a new dike. Kaiser called this the “” “option. It “could be very costly” but “could be the politically sound thing to do”.

If the chosen men do not wish to rebuild the dike, they may choose to repair it as needed to maintain public safety. The city can choose to terminate a lease if a cottage becomes “vulnerable” during the 10-year period.

A “vulnerable” chalet should be defined in more detail in the lease. Kaiser pointed out that emergency vehicles cannot reach some cabins when the tide is currently high.

To go further, the city can also choose to include a new language in the leases which reduces the liability on its side. The leases now state that any damage due to the city’s negligence is the city’s responsibility. New leases could eventually stipulate that “city negligence” does not include damage caused by a failing dike.

The city could also choose to bide its time by renewing leases for five years against 10 years. Depending on the impact of sea level rise on Long Beach, the city may choose to extend the next round of leases.

Or, city officials could organize a “managed retreat.” Longer leases could be offered to owners of non-“vulnerable” cottages, but the land would be placed under conservation easement and any other development would be prohibited, except for repairs. Lease terminations could occur if a significant part of a cottage is damaged or destroyed, either by a break in the dike or by other means.

Finally, the municipality could take the path of “back to nature”. All leases would be terminated; cabins, public service infrastructure and possibly the dike would be removed; and the beach and parking lots would be redeveloped in the same way as Good Harbor Beach. The city previously estimated that the effort could cost $ 11 million, excluding legal fees related to potential lawsuits brought by cottage owners.

Selection woman Sarah Wilkinson previously said that “the selection men have already decided that removing the cabins is not an option that we will be looking at.”

Kaiser also included a list of options the committee will not consider. These included redeveloping the beach to house a marine refueling station, marina, or “theme park,” Kaiser joked; sell portions of the beach itself; and create additional developments behind the chalets to combat climate change, such as another concrete breakwater, a sand coating or a living shoreline.

Michael Cronin can be contacted at 978-675-2708 or

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Newsom signs measures to allow more duplexes and apartments near public transportation – CBS Los Angeles Fri, 17 Sep 2021 03:06:00 +0000