Ezra Miller allegedly used Vermont Farm to house 3 young children and their mother amid grooming scandal

Ezra Miller hosted a 25-year-old mother and her three young children at the actor’s Vermont farm, a circumstance that worries the children’s father and two others who are familiar with the situation. rolling stone reported. Miller’s 96-acre property is described as a dangerous environment by the sources, who say there are unattended firearms throughout the house. One of the sources, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said one of the one-year-old children picked up a ball and put it in his mouth.

However, the mother, whose name rolling stone doesn’t provide, says Miller helped her get away from an abusive ex and provided a “safe environment for my three young children.”[Ezra’s] The family ranch has been a safe haven for us,” she told the publication. “They may have firearms for self-defense purposes and they are stored in a part of the house where the children never come in… My children can relax more in their healing because of the safety and nurturing that Ezra has given them.” (Miller is non-binary and uses the pronouns them/them.)

Miller welcomed the mother and her five children, ages one to five, to the Justice League star’s farm in Stamford, Vermont, since mid-April. The actor met the woman while visiting Hilo, Hawaii in March. A series of arrests accumulated in Hawaii by Miller, who should star in Warner Bros.’ anticipated the flashprompted an emergency meeting with studio executives over their involvement in the franchise.

Meanwhile, Miller allegedly arranged a flight for the woman and her children out of Hawaii without her knowledge, the father claimed to have rolling stone. The father alleged that he had not had the opportunity to speak to or see his children since their departure. “I have a bad feeling in my stomach,” the father said. “I want to pick up my kids, they mean the f– world to me.”

Hawaii court records show that the mother and father have been arguing for some time. The mother filed a paternity case and a domestic violence case against the father in May 2021. He denied her allegations of abuse and the domestic case ended after neither parent appeared in court . A judge dismissed the paternity case last October because the father had not been notified. In April, the father filed a currently pending national lawsuit against the mother for taking the children out of state.

The mother said rolling stone she and her children still live on Miller’s farm. It is described as a chaotic and dangerous environment for children by both sources who have seen children there with their mothers. At least eight assault weapons, rifles and handguns appear to be lying around the living room in an April video reviewed by rolling stonesome of which are arranged next to stuffed animals.

According to both sources, there was also frequent and heavy use of marijuana in front of the children, without proper ventilation. rolling stone also learned that Miller’s property hosts a major cannabis farm. Miller’s friend and alleged “handyman” Whitney Suters allegedly claimed on social media that the two ran a cannabis company called Rebel Alliance Cannabis.

Numerous photos posted on Suters’ social media accounts indicate much more marijuana plants than the two mature plants or four immature plants allowed for individuals in Vermont. Suters told a friend on Facebook that at least 28 strains are growing for a 2021 fall harvest. rolling stone confirmed with the Vermont Cannabis Control Board that Miller’s farm cannot produce more than six plants and sell to wholesalers.

The father told the outlet that he has been trying to get his children off the farm since April. After learning of the alleged use of weapons and drugs on Miller’s property, he contacted the Vermont Department for Children and Families (DCF) and local police to conduct wellness checks.

rolling stone said they reviewed text messages between the father and a Vermont social worker, who said they visited the home on May 16, and the children “looked good”, noting that they had “more work to do “. It is not known whether the social worker has returned home.

Miller’s recent behavior has potentially jeopardized any involvement in the superhero franchise after two pairs of parents reportedly sought protective and restraining orders against them, one for allegedly “nursing” a child. Miller has also come under fire after being arrested twice in Hawaii, and at least ten complaints have been filed with local authorities regarding their behavior. These included an arrest linked to a charge of disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar on March 28 and another on April 19 after he allegedly threw a chair at a 26-year-old woman who ordered them to leave a private home, leaving her with half an inch cut off.

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