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A former Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant building in Irving could soon see new life.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER analyzed home sales in Chautauqua County and looked at sales from February 1-11. During this period, it shows that DD Hanover LLC of East Amherst sold 604 Routes 5 and 20, Hanover to Financial Trust Federal Credit Union of Orchard Park for $485,000. This is the address of the old Dunkin’ Donuts building, closed since September 2016. The business had only been in business since December 2013 before closing its doors.

At the other end of the county, there was a major sale of six properties. According to documents filed in the County Clerk’s Office, Budget Rental Units LLC of Grand Island sold 101 Lakeview Ave., 401 W. Fourth St., 305-307 E. Fifth St., 309-311 Jefferson St. and 18 E Sixth St. all in Jamestown to 3644 Holdings, LLC, of ​​Gowanda for $3.8 million. Even though there are five addresses listed, there are six property tax identification numbers listed in the sale.

This sale was by far the largest financial sale during this two-week period. There were seven other real estate sales worth $250,000 or more, all by individuals or families – two in the town of Chautauqua, two in the town of Pomfret, one in the town of Ellicott, one in the town of Busti and one in the town of Westfield.

The sales were as follows: in Chautauqua, a property on Cardinal Road sold for $550,000 and a property on Lake Avenue sold for $368,000. In Pomfret, a property on Chestnut Street, Fredonia sold for $332,500 and a property on Andrew Court, Fredonia sold for $275,000. In Ellicott, a property on Longview Avenue sold for $425,000. In Busti, a property on Keller Road sold for $305,000. In Westfield, a property on East Main Street sold for $299,000.

From February 1 to 11, there were a total of 91 sales, excluding $1 or no cash transfers. The full list is as follows:

FEB. 1-4

Riley 262 LLC of Summit, NJ sold 262 Main St., Jamestown to Andrity Makoviychuk for $67,500.

Bruce Sikora of Summit, NJ sold 402,619 W. 7th St, Jamestown to Andriy Makoviychuk for $135,000.

John Larsen sold 110 West James Street, Falconer to Alan Gustafson for $79,900.

Frank Bellavia has sold 8577 Bear Lake Road, Portland to Jonathan Patrick for $40,000

Matthew Webber has sold 1349 Stebbins Road, Hanover to Scott and Tracey Onuffer for $202,000.

Eugene and Mary Ann Jankowski sold 10 Beach Place, Portland to Ronald Parker for $395,000.

Ann Carlson sold 14 Olson St., Falconer to Bruce Wolf for $120,000.

Betts Apartments LLC has sold 7 Ash St., Westfield to Emily Nichols for $155,000.

Evan and Nancy Cornell sold 8138 Rood Road, Arkwright to Levi Wolfe for $140,000

Anthony J. and Jordyn B. Dolce sold 11 Taft Place, Dunkirk to Dawn Ritz and John Novak for $230,000.

Tyrone Hall sold 40 Winsor St., Jamestown to Jamestown Development Company III, LLC for $26,000.

Karen Scholeno has sold 4161 Cowing Road, Busti to Jennifer Bortner for $120,000.

Betsy Shults, executor of the late Cynthia Casler, has sold 56 Avalon Blvd, West Ellicott to Cody Fuller for $135,000.

Brann Rentals LLC of Hiram, Ohio has sold Jon and Audrey Briggs 27 Maple St., Bemus Point for $180,000.

Ernest Lawson sold 4510 Route 60, Gerry to Herbert Best for $40,000.

Barry and Donna Mason sold 30 Holman St., Jamestown to Amber Adams for $82,000.

Maurice Paterniti sold 903 Second St., Jamestown to Michael Hutley for $2,000.

Rebecca Carlson, trustee of the JD Alm Family Trust II, has sold property on Falconer Kimball Stand, Ellicott for $9,000.

Matthew and Susan Farnham have sold a property on Elm Flat Road, town of Chautauqua to Marvin Latta and Jill Scarpine for $10,000.

John and Barbara Nellis sold 5278 Van Buren Road, Pomfret to Byron Lawton for $172,500.

Todd Mekus, William Frost and Lucile Frost sold 7 Lester St., Sinclairville to Tringali Rentals, LLC for $60,000.

Bradley and Kerri Seibert have sold 5880 Cardinal Road, Town of Chautauqua to Aaron Price, Natalie Price and Adolfo D’Achille for $550,000.

James and Cathy Bensink sold a property on Wing Road, Busti to Robert and Amanda Sischo for $13,000.

David and Merritt Spier sold 4943 Lake Avenue, Town of Chautauqua to Leslie Lewis for $368,000.

Randy Will, executor of the estate of G. Ronald Will has sold property on Gibbs Road, Hanover to SJF Farms, Inc. for $111,500.

Terry McCray has sold a property on Nettle Hill Road, Town of Chautauqua to Tag N Brag, LLC for $150,000.

Cockaigne Development, LLC has sold property on Crestwood Drive, Cherry Creek to Granata Gianpaul for $15,000.

Ronald and Nancy Hicks sold 2403 Keller Road, Busti to Matthew Bovee, Jonelle Chir, Erik Olson and Amanda Olson for $305,000.

Miranda Alfa and Shaibu Alfa sold 1385 Newland Ave., Jamestown to Tyler Harrower for $75,000.

Thomas Korcyl sold a property on Sherman Stedman Road, Sherman to Paul Majchrzak for $1,000.

Jenna Gammon sold 8 Susan Court, Fredonia to Julia Herman for $85,000.

Albert Vandette and Daniel Hillman sold 4 Andrew Court, Fredonia to Heather and Paul Pitz Jr. for $275,000.

Carl and Judy Phillips sold 32 Lakin Ave., Jamestown to Amber Crawford for $55,000

Trustees of the Willcockson Family Trust have sold 7437 Hannum Road to Scott Olson and Trisha Delcamp, Town of Chautauqua, for $76,000.

Rodney Swanson has sold 4936 Baker St., Extension, Ashville to Cory Swanson for $175,000.

Erika Beichner and Jeffry Remington Jr. sold 5846 Route 380, Stockton to Joseph Sedlak for $47,500.

Martin Troyer has sold a property on Ravlin Hill Road, Clymer to Thomas and April Segiel for $80,000.

Scott Duston sold 141 E. Main St., Brocton to Gary and Cheryl Vacanti for $40,000

Larry Barmore sold 53 Dearborn St., Jamestown to Bruce Thompson for $75,000.

Gary Pudlewski has sold 457 Front St., Jamestown to Paul Cardinale for $120,000

Charles and Patti Clark sold 218 Brigham Road, Dunkirk to Joshua Seward for $35,000.

James and John Starkweather sold 187 Linwood Ave., Jamestown to Raymond Starkweather for $60,000.

FEB. 7-11

Amy Heller sold 106 W. Fifth St., Dunkirk to Virginia Harper for $53,000.

Scott and Branda Sampson sold 3 Vista Drive, Mayville to Katharine Simmons for $25,000.

Jason Genberg has sold 151 Hotchkiss St., Jamestown to Kristine Bradford for $95,294.

Stephen Holt has sold 86 North Erie St., Mayville to Holly Miller for $70,000.

Sandra Albano sold 189 Chestnut St., Fredonia to Marcus and Andrea Johnston for $332,500.

The Ward Raynor Family Partnership sold 6899 Beech Hill Road, Town of Chautauqua to Ward and Shannon Raynor for $100,000.

The Ward Raynor Family Partnership has sold property on Beech Hill Road, Town of Chautauqua to Dennis and Donna Dixon for $8,740.

Barbara and John Nellis sold 5284 Van Buren Bay, Pomfret to Robert and Roseann Lawton for $168,125.

Zachary Leone has sold 3421 Hickory Grove, Ellicott to Joshua Abers for $90,100.

Arbitrator Nancy Battagalia-Danielson sold 15 Gillis St., Fredonia to Lake Shore Savings Bank for $101,878.

Randy Brown’s arbitrator sold 164 Thayer St., Jamestown to the Lake Shore Savings Bank for $52,265.

Barbara LaPolt has sold 309 E. Main St., Westfield to Eric Allen for $299,000.

David and Joanne Ryan sold 9757 Ravlin Road, French Creek to Jeremiah Raven for $78,000

Laura Cochran sold 1584 TenHaken Road, Panama to Stephen and Reilly Enlow for $60,000

Barbara Hajduk has sold 753 Deer St., Dunkirk to Galarza Abner for $99,700.

James and Paula Dolce sold 94 Old Mill Road, Brocton to Louisa Westerlund Shattuck for $150,000

Della Hough and Shawn Avery sold 705 Jefferson St., Jamestown to Diana Faison for $87,000

Howard Holthouse sold 8751 W. Main St., Clymer to Calvin Stanton for $101,063.

Glenn and Linda Ross sold property on Prather Avenue and Barrett Avenue, Jamestown to the City of Jamestown for $1,600.

Deborah Swauger has sold 52 Houston Ave., Ellicott to Alexander Lennert for $180,000

Eileen Rounds sold 9269 E. Lake Road, Ripley to Debra Krause for $45,000

Budget Rental Units LLC of Grand Island sold 101 Lakeview Ave., 401 W. Fourth St., 305-307 E. Fifth St., 309-311 Jefferson St. and 18 E. Sixth St. all in Jamestown to 3644 Holdings, LLC, of ​​Gowanda for $3.8 million.

Morgan Johnson has sold 2645 Route 20, Sheridan to Mitchell Magierski, Alexandria Zentz and Kathleen Keddie for $170,000.

Timothy O’Malley has sold 1243 Prendergast Ave., Jamestown to Jared and Bethany Ohagan for $175,000

Steven Boozel, Barbara Kranz and Dennis Boozel sold 2849 Route 426, Mina to Michelle Walker for $130,000.

DD Hanover LLC of East Amherst sold 604 Rt. 5 and 20, Hanover to Financial Trust Federal Credit Union of Orchard Park for $485,000.

Lisa Spann, trustee, has sold 7589 Locust Avenue, Westfield to Donald Corriere for $299,000.

Catherine Jenkins and Jane Coffaro sold 74 Hammond St., Jamestown to John Hodgkin for $98,000.

Kathryn Curtis sold 8 Laurie Lane, Jamestown to Zackery Kautzman and Shelly Turner for $171,500.

Norma Coleman sold 801 Washington St., Jamestown to Darin Butts for $15,000

Mary Jo Swanson has sold 15 W. Mosher St., Falconer to Wein Realty LLC of Lakewood, NJ for $50,000.

Brian and Terri Bensink sold 580 Freeman St., Clymer to Darren and Sunshine Durfey for $189,900

Executors Cathy and Andrea Snyder sold 14 Crooked Brook Drive, Dunkirk to Jeffrey Pulawski and Cathy Snyder for $70,000.

Joseph and Linda Bittinger sold a property on County Road 15, Sherman to Duane Woods for $100,000.

Russell and Katie Conti sold 1521 Southwestern Drive, Busti to Tore and Beverly Arvidson for $40,000.

Administrator Arthur Benson sold 3527 Route 62, Kennedy to Grant Meabon for $65,000.

Kim Smolka and Lauranne Ferrara have sold 127 Longview Ave., Ellicott to Geoffrey Falkner, Brenda Falkner and Karen Falkner for $425,000.

Trustee Rose Mary Madejski has sold a property on Carmen Drive, Ellery to Paul and Paula DeSantis for $40,000.

Bethany Shaw sold 60 Seymour St. Fredonia to Nora Brielo for $112,500

Richard and Olivia Walker sold 24 Jackle Ave., Silver Creek to Robert Bissell and Megan Leatherbarrow for $79,500.

Joseph Town sold 3517 North Main St. Ext., Ellicott to Jamie Murray for $190,000.

Frederick and Jeanne Humble sold 5964 Magnolia Stedman Road, North Harmony to Jennica Kaalbaugh for $34,000.

Buchanan Estates LLC of Dunkirk has sold 200 Deer St., Dunkirk to Milagros Rivera Torres for $35,000.

Donald Wuerstle has sold 178 King St., Dunkirk to Dennis Lisandro Cruz and Margarita Martinez Lopez for $41,000.

Ann Crandall sold 75 E. Main St., Falconer to David and Amber Seekings for $105,000

George and Julie Waite sold 168 Park St., Sherman to Elizabeth Rebecca Ann King for $75,000.

Lynn Manzella sold 20 University Park, Fredonia to David and Kathleen Campola for $214,900.

Gary Adams has sold 9 Prospect St., Frewsburg to David and Kelly Wawrzyniak for $99,900.

Daniel Clark has sold 3504 Mason St., North Harmony to David and Christine O’Neil for $235,000.

Rodney and Jenni Bellinger have sold a property in Coe Road, Stockton to Michael and Shannon Mardino for $71,500.

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