Energy efficiency issues as Cork City has the oldest average house age in the country

According to a new study, CORK City has the oldest average house age in the country.

The average age of a house in the rebel city is 45, followed by Limerick City, where the average age of a house is 38.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, County Kildare has the youngest houses in the country, with an average age of 22.

The findings are contained in a new joint study by Wizer Energy and Digital Funnel that was created by analyzing the most recent figures from CSOs.

“Having an older home doesn’t necessarily mean it’s less energy efficient, but chances are it is,” said Martin Desmond, chief executive of Wizer Energy.

“When you look at Cork City, for example, a lot of these buildings are old Victorian buildings that have been converted into rental accommodation, they will have older single-glazed windows and high ceilings making space incredibly difficult to heat and keep warm.

‘Your heating bill will be significantly higher here compared to one of the new builds in Kildare or Meath,’ he continued.

The study also found that Leitrim and Roscommon have the most energy-intensive properties in the country with 12 G rated domestic buildings, followed by Tipperary with 11.

The greater Dublin area and surrounding areas are the most energy efficient sections of the country.

Kildare leads the rankings, with 20 A-rated properties, followed by Meath and County Dublin with 19.

To improve a property’s BER rating, homeowners are advised to invest in insulation, start looking down the renewable energy route, or opt for carpeting over wooden floors to trap heat. .

“Gaps around doors and windows can leak a lot of heat, so get some draft socks from a DIY store,” Desmond also advised.

“Last but not least, replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs if you haven’t done so already.

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