Ellen and Charlie fight over an apartment

New Yorkers Ellen and Charlie struggle to find a home as tensions boil over between them in latest How I Met Your Father

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for How I Met Your Father, Season 1, Episode 3, “The Fixer,” now streaming on Hulu.

Apartment hunting is a nightmare in any big city, from finding the right neighborhood to the best prices. how i met your father addressed this issue with two of his new New Yorkers as they begin their new lives away from their comfort zone. When tensions begin to rise between them, a struggle for a new beginning opposes them.

Ellen and Charlie started the series at new times in their lives. Ellen is recently divorced and lives with her adopted brother, Jesse, and his friend, Sid, as she tries to get away from her ex-wife by getting outside and enjoying the city. Charlie is in a similar situation, as he left behind his wealthy and pampered life to start a relationship with Valentina. As he spent his early days in New York as Valentine and Sophie’s roommate, he realized that for his relationship with Valentina to thrive, they first had to start dating casually.

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For this, Charlie had to find his own apartment without the comfort of money from his trust fund, which he found impossible. Ellen shared her own dismay at finding an apartment because living with two men and sleeping on their couch wasn’t exactly an ideal living situation. Sophie suggested that they both look for an apartment together as living together would help solve their problem; however, Ellen denied the idea because she didn’t consider herself a roommate, which deeply upset Charlie.

At an open house, Charlie and Ellen met, with Charlie commenting that they had similar styles. He tried to act out his disappointment that she didn’t want to be his roommate, but figured out his discernment with his roommates until a strange man introduced himself as Ellen’s new roommate, a male whom she had met online an hour before. This upset Charlie even more, expressing concern for meeting a strange man and choosing to live with him. Ellen revealed her real reason for not wanting to share the bedroom with Charlie; he’s as new to town as she is, and she needed to live with someone who knew how it worked.

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An angry Charlie decided to place an offer on the flat to make sure Ellen wouldn’t get it and as a way to rub it in her face. He offered the realtor a full year’s worth of rent plus an additional five percent on the claim. Without hesitation, the real estate agent agreed and sold him the apartment. This angered Ellen, who assumed that Charlie was completely broke. He told her he could pawn a literal golden spoon, which would give him enough money to pay for the place. Ellen yelled at Charlie, repeating that she didn’t want to live with someone born rich and ignorant.

At night, Ellen bumped into Charlie at the bar, Pemberton’s. He informed her that he didn’t get the apartment because shortly after pawning his golden spoon, he had all the money stolen, putting it back to square one. Ellen also had a terrible day, as her new roommate ended up stealing her social security number and using it to open a line of credit. The duo apologized, with Ellen realizing she needed someone who was kind and who would find her way around town with her. Charlie came to his senses and joined Ellen in celebrating their new life in one of Earth’s greatest cities.

With new bonds formed, a beautiful friendship blossoming, and a fresh start with an open heart, How I Met Your Father airs new episodes every Tuesday only on Hulu.

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