Crosslake: Resident asks city to fix short-term rental issues

“I know I can fill this room with neighbors who want to come here and talk about issues with these things,” Jeff Pfaff told the board at its regular meeting on Monday, July 12. He said there were problems every week in his neighborhood.

The city does not have its own short-term rental ordinance, but uses the Crow Wing County ordinance which went into effect in January. The board planned to see how it worked for a year.

– Jeff Pfaff, Crosslake

Pfaff was advised to call the owner of the rental home and Crow Wing County. He said it had been done, that the owner was not receptive and that he felt the city needed to step in and do something.

Planning and Zoning Administrator Jon Kolstad said if there are any issues with short-term rentals, residents should notify police so the issues can be documented.

“We have neighbors ready to leave Crosslake because of the issues that are happening,” Pfaff said, noting that the issues include partying, too many parked cars, dogs running wild, jet skis out of time. legal and other illegal behavior.

“I didn’t want to be that neighbor. Now I have to be that neighbor, ”Pfaff said. “I think this is something that will only get worse. It’s not going to get better. “

Mayor Dave Nevin said that there are good owners of buildings for short-term rental, so the bad ones should be eliminated.

– Jeff Pfaff, Crosslake

Also at the open forum, Jerome Volz told council there was graffiti under the bridge near C&C Boat Works that should have been removed by now. City staff will contact Crow Wing County again on this matter.

After approving one right-of-way leave request and filing another, the board accepted Kolstad’s request to form a committee to develop criteria and policy for such requests that are standard, fair and consistent.

The committee will consist of city staff and two council members, and members of the public can apply to participate.

The board has agreed to process priority leave requests as they are submitted while the committee is doing its work.

Council approved a request to evacuate the 33-foot public right-of-way adjacent to the Parsons and Kobs properties on Norway Trail with a condition of withdrawal. During a public hearing, several people spoke in favor of the request.

And the council filed a request from Mike and Lisa Rocca on Manhattan Point Boulevard to release 20 feet of road right-of-way. During a public hearing, two residents spoke out against the request. The board wishes to explore this issue further.

Stephanie Neumann speaks with Crosslake City Council about the donation of four automated external defibrillators to the police department on Monday, July 12, 2021. Echo Journal Screenshot

Stephanie Neumann discusses with Crosslake City Council the donation of four Automated External Defibrillators to the police department on Monday, July 12, 2021. Echo Journal Screenshot

The board hired Adam Casanova as a part-time officer to cover shifts after learning that Constable Adam Lane resigned on July 17 to take a position in the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office. Casanova also works part-time for Pequot Lakes.

“We have to figure out how to become a place to stay rather than a place to train officers,” said Police Chief Erik Lee.

The council accepted a donation of four automated external defibrillators for the police department from Stephanie Neumann.

Police reported that in June, they had 227 incidents in Crosslake and 51 in Mission Township. Crosslake’s business included 14 agency helpers, two assaults, one burglary, property damage, four disturbances, one fire, five noise complaints, one bodily injury, nine property damage accidents, two thefts, four arrests and 64 tickets.

Activities in Mission Township included two agency helpers, two burglaries, two thefts, one road stop, seven traffic tickets and 28 road stops.

Firefighters received 39 calls in June, including 29 medical calls and a grass fire.

In other Monday business, the board:

  • Appointed Joel Knippel as deputy to the Planning and Zoning Commission. The board recognized the late Dale Melberg for his service to the commission from 2008 to 2013 and to the public works commission from 2015 to 2021.

  • Allowed several proposed revisions to the City’s Land Use Ordinance to be the subject of public comment.

  • Agreed to help the city become a Heart Safe community.

  • Considered the proposed assessments for a sewer extension to Moonlite Bay. Single-family residential property appraisals are priced at $ 7,000. The proposed commercial valuations are 35 cents per square foot. Assessment payments would be over 20 years.

There was talk of equitable ways of valuing larger parcels of commercial property.

In addition, homeowners with a septic system less than 10 years old would be required to connect to the extension before their installation is 11 years old. Homeowners with a septic tank more than 10 years old would have one year to connect to the extension.

Public hearings will be held on the proposed assessments. The council did not allow them.

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