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Clatsop County Commissioners will hold two town halls to discuss a proposed 120-day moratorium to suspend the issuance of new short-term rental permits in the unincorporated area to give time to consider a possible review of the prescription.

The two meetings to discuss the proposed moratorium on short-term rentals were held virtually at 11 a.m. on Friday July 9 and will be held on Friday July 16.

“There are a lot of different reasons why people aren’t necessarily in favor of the short-term rental ordinance,” said Gail Henrikson, county director of community development. Some reasons include noise, traffic, and it depletes the housing stock for workers.

The county has received numerous comments, including 150 pages of emails from neighbors and short-term rental landlords on this disputed issue, Henrikson said.

From a staff perspective, they are considering possibly merging the two ordinances, that of Arch Cape and the remainder unincorporated, and also to “make (the ordinance) clearer in terms of its application”, a- she declared.

“You would think” the ordinance would be clear to people, she said. However, county staff do not work on weekends and receive recorded calls in the middle of the night, for example on Saturdays about noise. By the time county staff go to work on Monday and look at the rental, it’s not noisy.

She said another problem is that people think three complaints should justify an automatic license suspension, but that’s not how the order reads. It indicates that a permit can be revoked.

Some short-term rental owners “feel harassed by neighbors with false complaints,” she said.

The commissioners discussed these short-term rent ordinance issues during their February 2 and April 6 working session, she said.

Both meetings were recorded and are available on archived video in the calendar section of the website.

To register to speak at one or two upcoming meetings, please contact Gail Henrikson, Director of Community Development, at 503-325-8611 or [email protected], the website says. .

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