Cottage Grove Sentinel | Village Green plans call for new housing

As The Village Green completes its sale process, its new owners have communicated information to the Town of Cottage Grove regarding plans for the 61-year-old facility.

“We are excited to create a dynamic mixed-use development that supports the local economy and provides new housing,” said Colin Kelley of Timberview Construction in the release.

Plans call for the redevelopment of the majority of the buildings and the garden at The Village Green to accommodate two-story apartment buildings.

The new apartments will consist of two-bedroom, two-bathroom units and will include an on-site apartment manager and rental desk. Residents will have access to on-site parking and open space.

Two new commercial lots will also be created with a frontage on Row River Road.

“These commercial lands will be designed in an attractive manner for small businesses serving the surrounding neighborhood and region,” the statement said.

However, there are no plans to close the RV Park, which offers an affordable housing option to its residents.

Still, the fate of the rest of the facility has yet to be decided.

“The main building of the Village Green Hotel, including the restaurant, may be selected if a new business owner is found who can economically operate a smaller-scale hotel in a sustainable manner, ”the statement said. “It is also possible that this part of the site will be redeveloped for a new multi-storey hotel with modern facilities.”

A number of issues with the property impacted the decision of new owners to renovate.

There are buildings formerly used by the hotel on its north side, for example, which are in poor condition or in poor condition. One building has been demolished to leave only skeletal remains while another has been hidden behind so much garden and bush debris that hotel rooms are inaccessible.

The press release also lists some key issues, namely: that the hotel is not operating sustainably due to a substantial decline in the hotel and tourism industry; increased hotel competition in the region; insufficient modern equipment; several unsanitary or dilapidated buildings; and maintaining the 6.5-acre garden, seasonal pool and hot tub is too high an operating cost to be financially viable.

To successfully complete this project, new owners will likely have to go through an approval process, including a permit application. This process will go through the Planning Commission and possibly Cottage Grove City Council for approval, where there will be public hearings.

“So there is a public process ahead depending on what they plan to do,” said Director of Public Works and Development, Stewart. “It looks like they’re going to make some changes, so it will probably be necessary.”

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