Cottage Grove Sentinel | Police register: 09/11/2021

November 9

• A vehicle theft has been reported in the 900 block of North Douglas Street.

• An individual was taken into custody at Coiner Park with the assistance of an emergency mental health worker. The individual was transported to University District Peach Health Hospital.

• An individual reported that his car window was smashed overnight in the 1100 block of Edgewater Lane at his home and that a backpack was stolen from the vehicle which contained a laptop and iPad.

November 10

• A general contractor reported a theft at a construction site located on Gateway Blvd. An officer who responded was told how an unknown suspect cut a section of chain link fence and illegally entered the otherwise secure and fenced construction site. The complainant said a compactor was stolen between the dates of November 4 and 10. Replacement costs have been estimated to be approximately $ 1,700. The complainant indicated that it would likely have taken several people to lift and exit the property.

• Fraud was reported at a Gateway Blvd store when it was discovered that a $ 50 bill accepted at an unknown time was counterfeit.

• Fraud has been reported at Bi-Mart regarding a fake $ 100 bill that was attempted to be returned during a purchase. A suspect was identified with certainty and told officers who responded that he did not know the note was fake, although it displayed “Chinese neon pink markings on the back and front.” The bill was seized as evidence but no charges were laid.

November 11th

• Officers responded to a burglary call at The Sentinel’s office on Main Street. The case is still under investigation.

• The CGPD dispatcher received several 911 calls from a woman who stated that she was suicidal while driving and that she was considering an overdose. Officers spent some time trying to locate the person as she continued to drive in the area and eventually located the vehicle, contacted the driver, and courteously returned her home. The case was ultimately closed after determining that it did not need to be put on hold.

• The CGPD dispatch was informed of a single vehicle crash in the river on Mosby Creek Road, with a subject outside the vehicle acting dazed. An officer who responded attempted to determine if there were any missing persons in the vehicle in the river. En route, the CGPD dispatcher received an additional 911 call informing him that the driver of the accident vehicle had stolen the original appellant’s vehicle, possibly at gunpoint, and had left the room. ‘place east of Mosby Creek.

Upon arrival, there was a woman standing on the pavement, in a bathrobe, hailing an officer with a flashlight. The whole westbound lane was blocked with what was determined to be cable lines and a cable post that was tilted and into the roadway, still attached to another post on the south side of the road, making everything passage in direction is also very limited. The woman said her husband was the original caller and when the suspect stole his vehicle, the husband recovered their other vehicle and started trying to find the suspect, but did not have a cell phone with him. The woman and another neighbor told an officer where the originally crashed vehicle left the north side of the road, hitting a tree and plunging into the river, half submerged. It was determined that no one was inside the vehicle, but both air bags were deployed, the trunk was ajar, and the passenger’s front window was smashed, “probably for self-extraction.” Lane County authorities arrived and recaptured the scene, while other units intervened further east in an attempt to locate the suspected and stolen vehicle. Due to the location (approximately mile post 4) being a sharp turn and both lanes blocked, an officer stayed to assist with traffic. The EPUD arrived and was able to pull the lines into the westbound lane.

12 november

• A suspect was arrested in the 800 block of North Lane Street for second degree assault, illegal use of a weapon and threat when he intentionally hit a woman with an aluminum baseball bat on the front- right arm, causing physical injury.

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