Construction of a new cottage in the derelict car park of the Lincolnshire pub has been turned down

The construction of a new cottage in the car park of a derelict Lincolnshire pub has been turned down by the local council. The Marmiom Arms in the village of East Lindsey in Haltham has been closed for over ten years and there was a request to build a new cottage in its former car park.

But East Lindsey District Council refused permission, citing a supposed lack of facilities in the area. It’s just one of the planning apps the council decided on this week.

Other requests decided include a new takeaway stand and a new beach hut at Sutton on Sea. Below is the most important application decided by East Lindsey this week.

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New chalet refused

Permission to build a small cottage near a vacant pub in an East Lindsey village has been refused due to a ‘lack of facilities’ in the area. An application had been submitted to build the property on land which was formerly the car park of The Marmiom Arms in Haltham.

Bid documents said the pub went out of business “a long time ago” and was bought in 2021 by the current owner’s son. Permission was given in 2018 for the pub to be turned into property, but this has yet to happen as the cost of doing so has proven too high for the owner.

The application read: “The only sensible solution to his problems is to seek permission to build a new dormer house on the brownfield site which is currently used as amenity space and for storage of an old aircraft. The site is not vulnerable to flooding and is not considered to be of archaeological interest.”

But East Lindsey District Council refused the request, saying: ‘The delivery of new homes in such locations, except in exceptional circumstances, is not considered a form of sustainable development, given the limited access to services and facilities. No evidence of an exceptional need to locate on-site accommodation was provided in this case.”

Beach hut sustained despite concerns

Permission to build a new beach hut in Sutton on Sea has been approved despite the local council saying it was visually not in line with other huts in the area. The request was to build the hut on Bohemia Promenade in Sutton on Sea, but Mablethorpe and Sutton Town Council said in their comments: “Visual amenity inconsistent with other huts in this location. No supply of fire retardant materials. Inappropriate flammable roofing proposed material.

Despite these concerns, permission to build the hut was granted. East Lindsey District Council said: “There are two further vacant lots to the south. The majority are modestly sized cottages and constructed of brick, timber with felt or concrete tiles.

“Generally the cottages have gables facing the sea with small verandas and painted brightly. To the east of the site is the promenade and beach and to the west rear are the sand dunes and a caravan site.

New churros and waffles take-out stand

A new takeaway stand selling churros and waffles is coming to Mablethorpe after being backed by the council. Planning documents show that the business will be called “Mister Churro” and will be located in the Bibbys parking lot on Quebec Road.

Approving the request, East Lindsey District Council said: “The unit is surrounded by a parking area which is not necessarily a visually appealing use, so any wider views are not spoiled. by the proposed unit. The unit is close to the Mablethorpe foreshore and the churros takeaway unit could be considered to add to the range of holiday attractions in the area.” Work should now start within four years.

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