Church in Rural Nebraska Converted to Couple’s Home, Varied Fauna | House and garden

The main room in the church is now their living room.


The church is the same that Kathy attended when she lived in Benedict. His son, Adam, married there and his sons were baptized there. Today he and his family live a few blocks away.

Professionals were hired to put up walls and do the plumbing and electrical work, otherwise the Johnsons took on everything on their so-called “chouse”. They’re documenting the project on Facebook because so many people have been interested.

“We get visitors all the time,” says Kathy.

While the exterior, with its magnificent stained glass windows, still looks the same, the interior is starting to look more like a house than a church.

There is a dining table where the altar was; there is a sofa and television in the sanctuary, and the kitchen is where the organ and choir once stood.

Dining room

The old altar is now the dining room.


An overflow room behind the sanctuary is now the main (and unique) bedroom, with a roll-up breadbox-style wall for extra privacy. They used an extra part of the tongue and groove pine on the kitchen half wall.

Kathy’s popular dog training classes are held in the basement. The space will be home to baby wild animals once it is renovated.


The basement of the church is where Kathy gives her dog training lessons.


A choir room on the second floor, with its raked floor, would be the perfect location for a movie theater. If they can only find the time.

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