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10 things to see and do on the water in San Diego

San Diego just might be one of the best vacation destinations in the United States. Its warm and sunny climate, relaxed atmosphere and countless attractions make it the ideal city for anyone who needs a break from the usual hectic pace of life. Most visitors start on land with visits …

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Must-Have Items for This Year’s Cape Cod Vacation Home

Buying a Cape Cod vacation home is a great investment option, especially in 2021, when mortgage rates remain low. The demand for suitable properties is on the rise thanks to Cape Cod’s fantastic seaside location and impressive climate. Investors are primarily looking for homes they can move to after retirement. …

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Scotland’s most captivating mythical creatures

You probably know the Loch Ness Monster, but have you ever heard of kelpies or wulvers? The Scots are legendary storytellers (they even host a International storytelling festival), and their culture is rich in imaginary creatures – or, maybe, not-so-imaginary creatures… Here are some of my favorites. A unicorn statue …

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