Beach Rentals – Deland Country Inn Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:57:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Beach Rentals – Deland Country Inn 32 32 Upcoming regulations for street vendors, according to Mayor Gloria Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:57:14 +0000

SAN DIEGO – Street vendors are popping up all over San Diego, allowed to set up virtually anywhere within city limits with few regulations.

One of the main places they gather to sell merchandise is along the Mission Beach boardwalk. Mission Beach City Council chairman and local business owner Matthew Gardner said he’s had enough.

“The most glaring part for me is that it just tramples on the beautified space of the public park that they decided to install everywhere,” Gardner said.

Every weekend and on certain days of the week, vendors flock to wherever they can, selling everything from hot dogs to jewelry.

“What the city has not done is provide local regulation of this trade, and as a result you find yourself in a situation where parts of our community are overrun with street vendors,” said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. “And people are understandably upset.”

To understand how San Diego got here, it’s important to understand how it all started. Former California Governor Jerry Brown passed AB 946 in 2018, also known as the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act, which decriminalized sidewalk vending statewide. The intention was to bring vendors out of the shadows as viable contributors to local economies.

The state left it up to each city to regulate, and Coronado, National City, and Oceanside all had rules in place within months. The City of San Diego still does not.

“The right time to have these regulations passed was about two years ago,” Gloria said. “Here we are today, just cleaning up after that.” And you’ve seen things like that before – scooters, vacation rentals, things that were allowed, but the city kind of got its head in the sand. We no longer put our heads in the sand.

Business owners are frustrated claiming they are paying high rent to legally operate their stores.

“From a business owner’s perspective, it’s very frustrating,” Gardner said. “Outside in front of my shop, I watch over 200 vendors every day in the heat of summer, when I need to make the most money.”

The majority of street vendors have settled in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, two seaside communities in the District of Council President Jennifer Campbell.

“We meet with various groups, including vendor groups that support vendors. We want things to be fair for everyone, we want things to be balanced, ”she said.

Campbell and Gloria said they expect city council to consider new regulations within the next 30 days, and the mayor has set aside $ 250,000 to help sellers who will need to purchase permits or special licenses. to get to the code.

“We will provide sensible regulations that address the safety concerns present in many of our communities while allowing the intent of state legislation, which was micro-level commerce, allowing people to start their small businesses. “said Gloria. .

FOX 5 reached out to the vendors to hear their thoughts, but they declined to be formally interviewed, saying they had previously been harassed by area residents.

One seller said he only sells items during the summer for extra money and plans to pack his bags and close his stand very soon.

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County approves new ORV rules Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:26:09 +0000 The county vacation rentals map is available at by scrolling to the vacation rentals link. Thursday’s approval of a revised vacation home rental ordinance may satisfy a federal judge enough to lift an order preventing some of its provisions from being …]]>

rentals map is available at by scrolling to the vacation rentals link.”/>

The county vacation rentals map is available at by scrolling to the vacation rentals link.

Thursday’s approval of a revised vacation home rental ordinance may satisfy a federal judge enough to lift an order preventing some of its provisions from being implemented, but it may not be enough for those who have challenged them. new rules in July.

OHV owner’s attorney Rick Campbell said the county has got off to a good start, but the changes to the ordinance haven’t gone far enough.

“My clients also have constitutional rights,” Campbell said, noting that the county declared Constitution Day Friday. “If we can work together, we can solve all of these problems and get a prescription that works for everyone. “

Campbell specifically questioned a requirement in the ordinance that prevents residents from holding more than one permit and the 600 permit cap.

In addition to approving the revised ordinance, the county also appointed five members to the vacation home rental advisory committee.

Gardnerville resident Patti Graf will join Michael Sloan, Lauren Romain, Keith Byer and Mickie Hempler on the VHR Advisory Board.

The committee has yet to meet after its membership was challenged by US District Court Judge Robert C. Jones.

Originally, the panel was made up entirely of residents of Lake Tahoe, but the judge said limiting two board seats to ORV licensees unfairly balanced the board.

In an effort to resolve the issue, the county changed the membership of the committee to include a resident of the Township of East Fork. Since vacation home rentals are prohibited in Douglas County outside of Tahoe Township, the fifth member is essentially a non-ORV licensee.

Kingsbury General Improvement District chairperson Natalie Yanish, who served on the ORV working group, said she believes the new committee has a lot to do besides hearing calls for fines for rentals unauthorized vacation.
“Much of the language in the ordinance is still vague,” she said. “I hope the advisory board will look not only at individual complaints, but at a higher level of policy development.”

Under the order, the advisory committee will return to the commissioners in six months with suggestions to further revise the order.

“Nothing we have done here has been arbitrary,” deputy county manager Jenifer Davidson told commissioners. “All of this has been carefully considered. “

She said the advisory committee will collect data while it operates to help improve the ordinance.

She thanked the Commissioners for not revising the ordinance further.

Commissioners voted 3-2 to uphold a $ 5,000 fine for a Kingsbury resident for operating an unlicensed vacation rental.

Once the committee is in place, it will hear violation appeals. With a revised fine of up to $ 20,000 for operating an unlicensed vacation rental

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Hershey’s 2021 holiday lineup: 13 new sweet treats released this year Thu, 16 Sep 2021 22:18:02 +0000

Now that summer is officially in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season. While it’s never easy to say goodbye to beach days and open-toed shoes, going on vacation does have its perks, like treats. Hershey already has Christmas in mind and is serving up a slew of new festive candies this season, from Reese’s to Kit Kats to Kisses and more.

According to a Release from the candy supplier, Hersey is launching 13 new holiday treats, which is its biggest seasonal line to date. The line includes everything from Reese’s Peanut Brittle-Flavored Cups to gingerbread cookie-flavored Kit Kat miniatures. The creators of the garment have also revealed something adorable to give you that little extra boost you need to get you in the holiday spirit.

This holiday season, Hershey is selling Hershey’s Kisses in adorable Grinch leaves. Not only do they look like the Green Guy himself, but they feature his famous sayings and his dog Max. The company has announced more Grinch-themed surprises, but has been quiet about what they might be.

Whether you’re coming home for the holidays or going to bed, festive food makes everything a little more bearable. Well, that and the party drinks.

“The holidays are the time to make new special memories, so we wanted to make sure your season is really sweet with your favorite flavors, fun holiday shapes and new ways to enjoy the treats and tastes you love,” Melissa Blette, senior associate brand manager for the Hershey Vacation Team, said in the statement. “This season is our biggest range of vacation offerings, so no matter how you vacation this year, there is a treat waiting for you to enjoy on your own or with a loved one.”

Here’s a full list of Hershey’s holiday goodies:

Reese’s Peanut Flavored & Brittle Cups
Reese’s Snack Size Trees giant gift box
Pack of 4 Reese’s Snack trees
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Yardstick
Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates with Grinch Leaves
Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Flavor Bar
Kit Kat Gingerbread Cookie Flavored Miniatures
York Peppermint Pattie Snowflakes
Whoppers Snowball Theater Box

All of the new Hershey candy is currently available in stores nationwide, and they will be on shelves while supplies last. After that, you will have to wait until the next holiday season or write a letter to Santa Claus asking for more.

In addition to these new festive offers, Hershey has a more exclusive drop. Some retailers across the country will have Reese’s Ugly Peanut Butter Sweaters, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Reindeer and Heath Toffee Milk Chocolate in stock in holiday-themed packaging. Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Flavored Kisses are also back this season, so be sure to stock up.

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Miami Beach calls for more police to secure South Beach Wed, 15 Sep 2021 05:35:33 +0000
Written by Monica Correa on September 15, 2021


Miami Beach calls for more police to secure South Beach

Miami Beach has asked its police department to reassign more officers to South Beach as officials seek a unified approach to addressing police shortages in this high-profile and growing crime area.

At a special committee meeting last week, city manager Alina Hudak stressed the need for South Beach to improve policing strategy to mitigate crime, including moving ahead of the officer retirement curve. and by hiring more when the training and selection period permits, and by revising rest programs.

“It has become a high impact time every weekend… and every day we are not at our full capacity,” she said. “I firmly believe that whatever we need to do, in terms of our municipal services and our capabilities and our ability to change what’s going on, has to be comprehensive. “

Commissioner Steven Meiner told the meeting that residents had sounded the alarm bells by saying that they were changing their routines and lifestyles “because of the feeling of not feeling safe”.

“We can’t go out and hire 25 to 50 officers in a snap,” he added. “But I firmly believe that zero tolerance and high level police visibility is absolutely going to dent what we are seeing right now and the extent to which we can get help from any law enforcement would be of a benefit. great help. “

However, Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Martinez disagreed with a zero tolerance position.

“If you take zero tolerance you will lose the community, you will put the police in a bad position and you will not get anything,” he said, “It’s with high visibility, dialogue, strategies. quality of life., strategic application and communication between other departments of the community that you will curb violence. “

In any crime plan the city comes up with, Martinez explained, “you cannot create a lack of mistrust in the community. Whatever plan is developed, it ensures that the community is safe and that no one is isolated. “

The Miami-Dade Police Department worked with the City of Miami to develop a plan that Mr. Martinez said made nearly 1,500 arrests, removing about 700 guns from the streets, including in Miami Beach and other cities.

“Murder rates have gone down,” he said, “and it was said this summer was going to be a bloody summer. That did not happen. In Miami-Dade, there are currently 67 murders… mainly domestic violence and targeted firearms. ”

The county police department will provide an additional 10 police officers on Friday and another 10 on Sunday through December. But Mr Martinez said it was not possible to give the city 100 agents every weekend unless the city had “a real immediate emergency”.

“I asked [the Miami Beach Police Chief] and he came back with a plan that reassigns an average of 40 officers depending on the time of day and time of week on our streets, ”Ms. Hudak said. “I ask and direct our chief of police to review our capacity, to review our current situation. I have asked all of our departments to come together in a unified way and work side by side with our agents to report on our additional resources that I have requested to take the application to another level.

This includes the code compliance department, the fire department, the housing and community services department and the homeless awareness team, said Ms. Hudak, who will meet every Monday morning at her office to review the week’s results “and discuss ideas and developments in what else we can do.

“I have also asked all departments to speed up any hiring, even if we do not hire until our budgets are reviewed on October 1,” Hudak told the committee. “I don’t wait until October 1, respectfully. I asked everyone to start the recruiting process immediately. I believe I have your support.

“My staff is here today because we are concerned and want to find the best available solutions so that we can change the perception, not the effort,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Richard M. Clements. “Because the effort has always been there. What I’m asking for is a little time to be able to fill those vacancies, because we can’t train people fast enough. But we are working on it and in the last two months we have hired 21 people. We get one agent out of 10 applicants to meet our criteria.

Another issue contributing to the ongoing crime scene in South Beach is large group parties in short-term rentals, Commissioner Michael Gongora said. “While hotels have better control over their own occupancy restrictions, short-term rentals appear to be free. “

Mr Gongora presented the South Beach and Fifth Street resolution point and questioned whether the full opening of Ocean Drive to traffic was contributing to the crime problem.

“It gave pedestrians a space to congregate and businesses the opportunity to sit outside during the pandemic,” he said. “But it created a void in the streets. The police unions sent us a message saying they thought it was bad. Ambulances cannot pass if there is a serious situation.

Commissioner Mark Samuelian added that the city should also analyze South Beach’s business models. “We have noise violations, we have code violations, parking violations… [people are] smoke marijuana on public property, ”he said. “It must stop.”

He asked the city to carefully review each business when it renews its business permit.

The city should, by the end of the year, gain a better understanding of how these new approaches have worked, Hudak said.

“When people change their ways, when residents tell us over and over again that their lives have been turned upside down because of what’s going on,” Meiner said, “we have to listen. “

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Great Lakes Dredge receives $ 261 million in construction Tue, 14 Sep 2021 10:22:46 +0000

September 14, 2021

A dredger pumps sand ashore to replenish the beach. Photo by the Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company.

Great Lakes dredger and wharf Corp. said on Monday it had received several major dredging awards totaling $ 261.3 million.

The work rewarded includes:

  • Corpus Christi Upper Bay Reach Canal Improvement Project (capital, Texas, $ 139 million)
  • Fire Island Inlet Phase 1 Beach Project at Montauk Point (Coastal Protection, New York, $ 47.5 million)
  • Thimble Shoal East Deepening Project (capital, Virginia, $ 38.4 million)
  • Mississippi River, Baton Rouge to Gulf of Mexico, Southwest Pass Hopper Dredge Rental Project (maintenance, Louisiana, $ 24.3 million)
  • Cape May Inlet Beach Renovation Project (Coastal Protection, New Jersey, $ 12.1 million)

The Corpus Christi Upper Bay Reach Canal Improvement Project is scheduled to complete the third phase of the Corpus Christi four-phase deepening project. Great Lakes completed the first phase of channel deepening in March 2020. Work on this phase involves increasing the depth of the channel in the upper part of the bay from 47 ‘to 54’ and widening the channel to 530 ‘ with an additional 400 ‘of barge tracks. . This project will allow larger vessels and more efficient access to the Port of Corpus Christi, including two-way traffic during periods of high traffic. The award includes the base award of $ 139 million with open options remaining to be granted of $ 12.9 million, bringing the project total to $ 151.9 million. The client for this project is the Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District. This project is funded by the federal government and the Port of Corpus Christi. Work is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2021 and be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

The Fire Island Inlet project at Montauk Point Beach involves the dredging of Fire Island Inlet and the beneficial use of dredged material for sand placement at Gilgo Beach and Robert Moses State Park. The sand placement will improve protection of the shoreline from damaging storms and the dredging will benefit inlet navigation for the Coast Guard and the public. Open options of $ 6.2 million to feed Tobay Beach have yet to be awarded. The client for this project is the Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, and the majority is funded by the federal government. Work is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2021 and be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

The Thimble Shoal East Deepening Project involves the dredging of portions of the Thimble Shoal Federal Shipping Canal with beneficial use of the dredged material to feed the beaches in the Ocean View Beach area of ​​Norfolk, Virginia, and in the Ocean Park area of ​​Virginia Beach. The client for this project is the Virginia Port Authority and is funded by the State of Virginia, the City of Norfolk and the City of Virginia Beach. Work is expected to begin in spring 2022 and end in August 2022.

Southwestern Mississippi River, Baton Rouge, Gulf of Mexico Hopper Dredge Rental Project Second Quarter Awarded To Provide A Fully Equipped Self-Propelled Suction Dredger To Perform Maintenance In The South Pass -West of Mississippi River and Calcasieu River. This is a basic contract with $ 14 million in open options. The client for this project is the Army Corps of Engineers, District of New Orleans, and is funded by the federal government. Work is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2021 and be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

The Cape May Inlet Beach Restoration Project includes the placement of sand from a designated borrow area at two beach locations in Cape May Inlet. The client for this project is the Army Corps of Engineers, District of Philadelphia, and is funded by the federal government. Work is expected to start in the third quarter of 2021 and is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

David Simonelli, COO, said in a statement: “Great Lakes is pleased to add these projects to our backlog of Deepening, Coastal Protection and Maintenance Dredging projects that will contribute to our performance. in 2021 and will position us well for 2022. These projects support the overall improvement and resilience of our country’s environment, coasts and infrastructure.

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Mortgage payments for new home buyers are rising 67% faster than rents Fri, 10 Sep 2021 22:04:34 +0000

The national median monthly mortgage payment for homebuyers has risen 67% faster than rents over the same period, according to a new report by Redfin (, technology-based real estate brokerage.

This is despite the return of mortgage interest rates to near record levels. This is the seventh month in a row that growth in median mortgage payments by first-time buyers has exceeded that of rents. However, in August, rent growth accelerated as mortgage payment growth slowed.

Mortgage payments for new home buyers exceeded rent increases in 25 of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States in August. Nationally, the average monthly rent of $ 1,836 is even bigger than the $ 1,494 median monthly mortgage payment for new home buyers.

READ ALSO: 5 Arizona housing market forecasts for 2021

“Record home price growth has kept many tenants from buying, leaving many tenants facing higher rents this summer as more households look to relocate as work arrangements ramp up. remote and flexible, ”said Redfin’s senior economist. Taylor marr. “The end of the moratoriums on pandemic evictions and mortgage forbearance may also cause landlords to increase rents to cover the risk of future tenant protections or to compensate for loss of rental income. “

Austin has always been a hot real estate market, but the past six months have been wild, ”said Redfin Austin, market manager. Jennifer hoffer. “We have worked with several homeowners who wish to sell their properties to take advantage of the high house prices. But the tenants right now really don’t want to move, so they’re staying there on long-term leases because they have nowhere to go. I think we will see a surge in rents in the next few months as the leases come to an end. “

Where rents have gone up and down the most

Most of the metropolitan areas with the largest rent increases were warm, affordable destinations in Florida, California and Arizona who have benefited from a wave of migration thanks to a newly mobile workforce. Rents increased the most compared to the previous year in Tampa, Florida (29.2%), followed by West Palm Beach, Florida, Miami, Florida and Fort Lauderdale, Florida (all at 28.9%).

Top 10 metropolitan areas with the highest rents

1. Tampa, Florida (29.2%)

2. West Palm Beach, Florida (28.9%)

3. Miami, Florida (28.9%)

4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida (28.9%)

5. Jacksonville, Florida (26.8%)

6. Riverside, California (23.1%)

7. Phoenix, Arizona (21.9%)

8. Las Vegas, Nevada (21.3%)

9. New York, New York State (21.3%)

10. Newark, New Jersey (21.3%)

However, rents are not going up everywhere. A few metropolitan areas have seen declines, including expensive areas where people move away like the Bay area. Rents have fallen in Pittsburgh (-5%), followed by San jose, california (-3%) and St. Louis, Missouri (-1%).

Metropolitan areas with declining rents

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (-5.1%)

2. San José, California (-2.9%)

3. Saint-Louis, Missouri (-0.5%)

These price cuts are the rare exception to the almost widespread increases in housing costs for renting and buying homes and are not expected to last until the economy recovers from the pandemic. For those who need to relocate and are looking for accommodation to rent, now may be the time to check out some traditionally more expensive coastal metropolitan areas, such as the Bay area, Boston, and Washington DC, where rental costs are increasing more slowly than the national average of 8.5%.

To view the full report, including charts and methodology, visit

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Virginia Beach tightens safety rules for short-term rentals, lifts ban on new operators in resort area Wed, 08 Sep 2021 04:46:05 +0000

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Those who rent out their homes using platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo across Virginia Beach will now have new safety rules to follow, and those who want to start operating a rental property at short term in the Oceanfront area now might have the chance.

On Tuesday evening, the Virginia Beach City Council voted 8-2 to allow homeowners in what’s known as the “Beachfront Resort District” to apply for a conditional use permit if they wish to begin operating. rent to people for less than 30 days.

Councilors Barbara Henley and Sabrina Wooten were the dissenting voices.

In a more divided 6-4 vote, they approved a series of new requirements for all current and future short-term rental operators, which include deck inspections in an attempt to avoid collapses. Two of these collapses occurred in Sandbridge last year.

These are just the latest actions in what has become a perennial and frustrating problem in the coastal community.

Many Virginia Beach owners rent their properties to vacationers – and have done so for years – but some neighbors have complained that the rise of digital platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo has led to parking nightmares, out-of-control parties that sometimes resulted in violence and a global disruption of traditional neighborhoods occupied by their owners.

In July, City Council banned all new short-term rentals outside Sandbridge, unless a majority of people in a specific neighborhood request short-term rentals in their community.

On Tuesday evening, City Councilor Guy Tower led the charge to change course at least in the resort area as he said people already knew they were buying in an area with hotels.

Nonetheless, each new individual tenancy should receive the approval of a majority of the city council.

The Oceanfront Resort Short-Term Rental Overlay neighborhood in Virginia Beach (Courtesy: City of Virginia Beach)

More controversial with those who currently operate short-term rentals: the additional security requirements.

In the future, all short-term rentals will also need to have a structural safety inspection report every three years, with the maximum terrace occupancy displayed in the rental.

Anyone operating a vacation rental without a professional management company will need to go through an annual city zoning inspection to look for at least one fire extinguisher, working smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Rentals professionally managed by a certified company would be inspected every three years.

However, what has really irritated some is that apart from the rental the landlord must now post a four square foot sign stating that the property is short term rental and have the hotline contact number. short term rental in town.

“Why oh why are you even considering this?” Kendall Maynard, of the Virginia Beach Short-Term Rental Alliance, told the council. “Maybe I should just put up a flashing ‘Come and rob me’ neon sign.”

Others have called it all “another government excess”.

“This is my home and with my home comes certain constitutional rights,” said Brandon Beavers, who also owns Oceanfront Rentals. “So if the city wants to encroach on those with the zoning, I think a judge will decide somehow good bad and different.”

Those who violate city regulations could have their CUP “grandfather” status revoked. Those who do not operate “legally” face a fine of up to $ 200 for the first offense and $ 500 for any additional offense.

Mayor Bobby Dyer, council members John Moss, Aaron Rouse and Sabrina Wooten voted against the new requirements for all current and future short-term rental operators.

Dyer commented that the problem was giving him “heartburn”.

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8 SF nurses unable to cancel Tahoe rental because Airbnb says “bad weather” not mitigating factor Sat, 04 Sep 2021 04:03:23 +0000 SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Thousands of people would normally flock to Lake Tahoe for Labor Day weekend. Now, as the Caldor fire sweeps through the Sierra, tourists are forced to cancel their plans. But despite the fire and smoke, many say they struggled to get reimbursed for their rentals.

Labor Day and Lake Tahoe always go hand in hand, but this year people stressed by the pandemic were especially eager to climb up, breathe some fresh air, and hike the trees. Instead, it’s about smoke, fire, and evacuations. So it was confusing when some Airbnb hosts disagreed that it was an emergency.

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Jamie Bulla and seven other nurses in San Francisco had just spent a grueling 18 months together battling COVID-19. “We are working together, we have been through the pandemic together, so we all really wanted to,” she said.

They were ready for a getaway.

“And we were just going to go to Lake Tahoe and hang out on the beach, go out to eat, all that fun stuff,” Bulla said.

“So we’re going to go down to South Lake Tahoe. And just enjoy it. We rented, like, a bigger house. And you know, enjoy like, hikes and just being by the lake and the water, soak up the sun, ”her friend Ana Diaz said.

WILDFIRE TRACKER: Interactive Map Shows Where California Wildfires Burn

They rented a large house in South Lake Tahoe through Airbnb for a well-deserved getaway in mid-September.

“We were really looking forward to it. It is one of our first hangouts after COVID,” Bulla said.

“We were like all gung-ho and then…” said Diaz.

And then it happened.

VIDEO: How to Keep Indoor Spaces Smoke Free During California Wildfire Season

Hell was moving rapidly to their vanishing point, the air too thick to breathe, thousands fleeing to safety.

They asked their Airbnb host to cancel their reservation.

Jyotsna Mentreddi and her family booked an Airbnb rental a year ago, never thinking it could happen – a raging fire, poisonous air. “We go to Labor Day in South Lake Tahoe every year with our families,” Mentreddi said.

She asked her Airbnb host to cancel.

“And the hosts said no, we won’t refund you …” she said.

RELATED: Air Quality Advisory Extended To Monday For Bay Area Due To Smoke From Wildfires

So she asked Airbnb to cancel under its policy of allowing emergency refunds.

“And then they were like, ‘Oh, that’s not a mitigating factor,'” she recalls.

An Airbnb email read, “Host’s policy will apply … we cannot process a refund … I fully understand that this is not the resolution you would like to hear.”

This was not the case.

“I wouldn’t have been there but I felt like they were telling me you should go,” Menentreddi said.

“And that’s perfectly fine. With the beaches closed, the businesses closed, all ablaze. Yeah. Thank you,” she said sarcastically.

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After months of wearing PPE, protecting against COVID, the last thing nurses wanted was to climb in smoke. They couldn’t get a refund either.

“It feels like any setback is hitting us a little harder now …” said Bulla.

Their email from Airbnb read, “Sorry, you have to cancel due to bad weather” but “your reservation is not covered by our extenuating circumstances policy” and “we acknowledge that this is not the case. result you were hoping for “.

Airbnb policy allows refunds in areas of “declared emergency”.

However, the crisis was changing day by day. 7 On Your Side contacted Airbnb and they agreed that Tahoe was still in a declared emergency over Labor Day weekend. And Menentreddi was reimbursed.

TAKE ACTION: How to Help Tahoe Communities

However, the nurses will not be boarding until September 17. It’s possible the emergency will be over by then, and Tahoe could reopen – if not, Airbnb can extend the policy and allow cancellations.

“It would be amazing,” Bulla said.

Not all booking sites have a cancellation policy that applies to all hosts. When you book on any site, read their refund policies so you know what to expect – especially with all the natural disasters these days, it can be difficult to plan a trip safely.

Check out more stories and videos from Michael Finney and 7 On Your Side.

Have a question for Michael and the 7 On Your Side team? Fill out the form HERE! The 7OYS Consumer Hotline is a free mediation service for consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We help individuals with consumer issues; we cannot help with business-to-business matters, or matters involving family law, criminal matters, landlord / tenant disputes, work issues, or medical issues. Please see our FAQ here. As part of our support process, it is necessary that we contact the company / agency you are writing about. If you do not want us to contact them, please let us know immediately, as this will affect our ability to work on your case. Due to the high volume of emails we receive, please allow 3-5 business days for a response.

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Pequot Lakes bike shop open by appointment, looking for employees Wed, 01 Sep 2021 08:06:50 +0000

“I was here to show houses and was quite impressed with the American feel of the city,” said owner Guy Nelson. “This building was for sale. It’s a bit crooked. It’s fun and there is a bit of weirdness. I thought it was kind of my style. I walked around town asking people what they would like rather than trying to start a business and everyone what they should like. I want the community to support it so I asked what they thought they could survive and thrive and all the world said bike shop. “

The building, which most recently housed the Wobbly Wardrobe and before this Calico Cottage, is on Main Street across from the American Legion of Pequot Lakes. The company opened in the spring, although a lack of employees made it difficult to maintain regular schedules.

“I would love to find someone to work here,” said Nelson. “I pay a commission on the rental and sale of bikes and it’s been tough.”

Nelson opens the store when he’s around, and with a quick phone call he can plan to help those who call on him. Its goal, if it finds the employees it needs, is to be open Wednesday through Monday.

The shop is largely dedicated to bicycle rental. It carries classic-style Schwinn bikes and other iconic rides.

Guy Nelson recently opened a bicycle store in Pequot Lakes at the request of area residents.  Travis Grimler / Echo Journal

Guy Nelson recently opened a bicycle store in Pequot Lakes at the request of area residents. Travis Grimler / Echo Journal

“I got these vintage style Venice Beach style bikes, because everyone loves classic bikes,” Nelson said. “And since this town is sort of Norman Rockwell’s town, I thought it would be cool to do some vintage classic bikes as well, because the town is kind of classic and vintage.”

The shop has mountain-style bikes and electric bikes available for hire or sale. A unique and eye-catching item is a selection of new beach cruisers that are half longboard and half bike.

Nelson said everything in the store can be purchased – even the decor, which includes vintage motorcycles and boat engines, as well as wall hangings.

“It’s all vintage and classic cabin decor,” Nelson said. “I picked all of this stuff. Basically my wall is your mall. Anything in the condition on the walls of the store is for sale, because everyone has a booth here and they think, ‘Oh , it would look good in my cabin or boathouse or fan cave, “or in their basement or bar. So people can just pick up stuff off the wall, whether it’s old classic rackets or old skis or water skis, or vintage motors are also popular. So this is all for sale and makes the store one of a kind. “

Nelson is working on adding kayaks or paddleboards to the mix, but right now his focus is on bikes and recruiting employees.

Guy Nelson recently opened a bicycle store in Pequot Lakes at the request of area residents.  Travis Grimler / Echo Journal

Guy Nelson recently opened a bicycle store in Pequot Lakes at the request of area residents. Travis Grimler / Echo Journal

This is not Nelson’s first foray into business. He is originally from Shoreview, where he runs a sports memorabilia business. Among his other products, he bought the roof of the Metrodome when it collapsed and uses it to make souvenirs to sell alongside seats and other items.

He also has a sports marketing business running promotions with athletes for autographs and meetups and greetings. And he’s a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker. He has also dipped his toe into other industries over time.

“I have a passion for sports and a passion for building new businesses,” said Nelson. “I always joke and my name is an entremanure. I try a lot of bullshit and I always start new businesses.”

Customers can schedule bicycle rentals by calling Nelson at 651-895-0916.

Travis Grimler is a writer for the weekly Pineandlakes Echo Journal in Pequot Lakes / Pine River. He can be reached at 218-855-5853 or

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at the water’s edge: West Beach, a panoramic expanse with family offers | Sports Sat, 28 Aug 2021 02:37:00 +0000

[Noozhawk’s note: This is the latest in a series of articles on the myriad recreational activities along the Santa Barbara waterfront. Click here for the complete series index.]

For waterfront strollers and motel guests along Cabrillo Boulevard, West Beach presents a beautiful, deserted stretch of sand from the harbor to Stearns Wharf and a little beyond.

There is also plenty to do at this beach, including family-friendly activities for tourists and locals alike.

This includes a long local family tradition: the Santa Barbara Shell Association has been teaching young children to sail – involving families in the process – since 1948. The SBSSA website cites “seamanship, self-reliance and teamwork” as benefits, in addition to basic sailing skills veil.

Off the SBSSA West Beach base for their Sunday regattas, from 1 p.m., children sail the near high seas with dinghies, usually American clogs. The season runs from April to early October, with a six-week break in midsummer.

And after losing last year to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SBSSA is back stronger than ever, according to Dana Longo, the organization’s commodore.

“Right now we have 50 families, so it’s come back with a big resurgence,” he said. “This will be perhaps our biggest year of all time in 2021.”

The program “has had a profound impact on the lives of many children in Santa Barbara,” said Longo, and is included in this evaluation – he is a former student of the program, aged 9 to 11 at the end of the year. 1970s, and a sailor since.

The SBSSA is aimed at children aged 8-18, and “the idea is for the parent to be in the boat with the novice sailor, teaching the novice how to navigate,” said Longo. When a consenting parent is not available, “we do our best to try to fill this gap” with more experienced children or other available parents.

“We are intentionally trying to keep registration fees as low as possible,” he said. “We want people from all walks of life to come and learn to sail. This is our goal.

Lasers in West Beach
Click to see larger

Sailors laser off West Beach. (Photo by Dennis Moran / Noozhawk)

More information on membership and costs are on the SBSSA the site’s FAQ page.

There are orientation days starting in April, where those interested can get a taste before committing to the program. Once the new kids start, “it usually takes about half the summer for a novice skipper to get to the point where they’re comfortable enough to get on the boat and sail the course on their own,” said Longo.

West Beach has other, shorter-term opportunities to get people out on the water.

Cal-Coast Adventures has a spot on the beach, renting kayaks (single and tandem) and stand-up paddleboards, as well as group kayak tours. These are available without an appointment, at mid-beach, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week from April to September, and the other months by reservation from The location of Cal-Coast at 736 Carpinteria St., where many other tours and rentals are available.

From West Beach, kayakers and paddleboarders ply the calm waters between the harbor mouth and the wharf.

On a recent weekday, the Reyes family from Castro Valley took advantage of this double kayak tour. They have been to Santa Barbara several times already, but on this visit they decided to focus on getting to know the waterfront more closely.

“We just paddled to the port and then came back,” said Sharon Reyes, with her husband, Rich, and sons Daniel and Tommy. “We saw seals and pelicans and we met friends on the water, at random. I really love the wildlife and the weather was just perfect. “

And they enjoyed the great view just offshore.

“We’re on the water, and (I said) ‘Tommy, Tommy, look left, it’s Santa Barbara.’ Oh, it’s so beautiful, ”Reyes said.

Another day was devoted to the rental of bikes from Fun of the wheel on nearby Mason Street, again to get to know the waterfront better.

Click to see larger

Children of the Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association, accompanied by a parent, learn the craft of sailing off West Beach. (Photo courtesy of the Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association)

“Every day it’s just something new, and we love it,” she said.

Rich and Daniel Reyes, in fact, explored the riparian sites in geocaching, the GPS hunt for various little treasures planted all over the world.

“There’s a lot of stuff here,” Rich said. “We found a few geocaches here on the pier” and another on Cabrillo Boulevard “magnetically attached to a pole.”

The caches included a few Altoid boxes and a small canister with “little knick knacks inside,” he said. “You can add things to it and you can sign it. “

West Beach is also the home of Ka Nai’a outrigger canoe club, which offers instruction and training to “both competitive and non-competitive amateur athletes of all ages” in the distinctive long canoes stabilized by a pole. From its location just west of Stearns Wharf, Ka Nai’a (Hawaiian for “the dolphin”) has been running training, instruction, kids’ camps, and for 33 years, running a race called the Big Run in May.

Big Run has a four mile short run including novices as well as a long run (10 to 12 miles) for women, coed students and under 19s, and a long open run for men and those under 19. men’s race. Big Run is one of a series of nine outrigger canoe races along the California coast and ends with the Catalina Crossing – American Canoe Championships between Newport Beach and Catalina Island in September.

Information on dues and the days and times Ka Nai’a is on the beach can be found on the website.

Ka Nai'a outrigger canoe club
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The Ka Nai’a Outrigger Canoe Club offers instruction and training by certified coaches from its West Beach launch point near Stearns Wharf. (Courtesy photo of Ka Nai’a Outrigger Canoe Club)

West Beach is also one of the top two waterfront venues for beach volleyball, along with East Beach.

A mother-daughter team from Phoenix, who frequently visit Santa Barbara, recently found a pickup game with a friendly young couple. Names Only: She, 13, plays club, sand and indoor volleyball in Phoenix, while mum Jan played one of her first games.

“I think she did pretty well,” Elle said. “It’s a pretty tough sport, especially in California because the sand is a lot deeper than in Arizona.”

Another organization with a presence in West Beach, for adventure summer camps for kids, is Pic2Pacific. The organization offers a variety of outdoor activities focused on environmental education, including after-school programs, family events and more.

To swim off West Beach, the Harbor Patrol offers a warning: shuffle your feet as you walk. The area is known for stingrays, and it’s best to alert them to your presence.

– Noozhawk correspondent Dennis Moran can be reached at . (JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address). Follow Noozhawk Sports on Twitter: @NoozhawkSports. Connect with Noozhawk on Facebook.

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