Bucha massacre – Russians leave deadly explosives in city apartments

As the war in Ukraine escalates and North Korea threatens a nuclear strike to the south, Western political leaders try to avert an all-out global war.

But some military experts believe we have already seen the start of the first real world war, as rising oil prices impact economies around the world.

The dangers of Putin’s war in Ukraine linger every day.

As Western leaders tread cautiously, warning of the possibility of World War III.

Worsening crisis

Putin’s initial special operation was meant to be short and sharp – but as Ukrainian forces retreated, Russian brutality turned into killing innocent civilians in the streets.

These shocking scenes could force the West to confront Moscow – by pulling the trigger on Russian roulette.

Journalist Peter Greste

Journalist Peter Greste told Ticker News, “It’s hard to admit that we are actually seeing this kind of conflict.”

“It’s hard to imagine a war in recent history that has also been so consequential. Because if it somehow spreads, we could be facing the next international world war,” says Greste.

Longtime Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned of the “nuclear and devastating” consequences of a Third World War.

The problem is – how much longer can the world wait and watch the Russians kill innocent Ukrainians?

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

Russia’s military corruption is responsible for Putin’s failed war – READ HERE

North Korea is stepping up

In Asia, North Korea continues to plague the South with nuclear threats.

For the second time in days, the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatened her country’s nuclear forces that they would wipe out conventional forces in the South if provoked.

The first aircraft carrier built in China,

China’s military growth

China has been spending big on its military – increasing its defense spending by 7% in the past year alone.

The People’s Liberation Army is developing a range of weapons ranging from stealth fighters to aircraft carriers.

China faces challenges on all fronts. Its strained relations with Taiwan, its naval and air missions in the disputed South China Sea and its ongoing border skirmishes with India.

Many hope for a diplomatic solution to prevent a Third World War.

But Russia’s actions in Ukraine show that it prefers force to talks.

This could escalate into a devastating global conflict.

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