Barber’s Cottage auction offers a piece of Queanbeyan history

Built in 1885, Barber’s Cottage at Atkinson St Queanbeyan will be auctioned on June 5th. Photo: Ian McNamee and Partners.

Historic Barber’s Cottage – a three-bedroom property at 30 Atkinson Street in East Queanbeyan – will go up for auction on June 5.

The chalet was built in 1885 and has been hosted by many local luminaries over its 136 years, including a former Queanbeyan mayor, alderman and newspaper editor. It has many of the original aspects of the cottage such as high wood-paneled ceilings, original wooden floors and a decorative fireplace.

Ian McNamee and Partners’ sales agent Lucy MacGregor said there was significant interest in the property ahead of a home show last Saturday (May 15).

“It is one of the original buildings in Queanbeyan and holds its own place in the history of the city by the people who lived there,” Ms. MacGregor said.

The chalet was built in 1885 by local merchant William Barber, who died of tuberculosis the following year.

Mr Barber transferred ownership of the chalet to former Queanbeyan Mayor George Tompsitt before construction of the chalet was completed. However, it is known as Barber’s Cottage.

Former residents outside Barber's Cottage

Former residents outside Barber’s Cottage, circa 1890. Photo: supplied.

The guesthouse was also the residence of the former editor-in-chief of The Queanbeyan Times Journal, Ernest Dornbusch, who ran the journal as a voice for free trade and labor until it folded in 1892.

John Breen, a former Queanbeyan town councilor from 1917 to 1920, also lived in the cottage.

Salon of Barber's Cottage in Queanbeyan

The cottage has high wood-paneled ceilings, original wooden floors and a fireplace. Photo: Ian McNamee and Partners.

Ms MacGregor said she expected the property to attract a price reflecting the unique heritage of the chalet and adjoining lodge, which was added to the property in the late 1980s.

“The exterior of the property cannot be altered due to its heritage but inside there has obviously been a lot of extra features to the house but it retains all the character with high ceilings and cornices She said.

“This is a sole proprietorship with two separate residences which are also measured separately, which would be suitable for a person with a family member living in the second residence.”

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The house is located on a large flat block of over 1000 square meters and includes a large veranda that looks east to the rear of the block.

The chalet and lodge both have separate bathrooms and kitchens with gas heating and gas hobs.

Ms MacGregor said she expected the auction to attract a buyer willing to pay the highest price for the property, but didn’t know how much it would sell for.

“Pricing something like this is really tricky because it’s hard to find a decent comparison,” she said. “I have never seen anything like it, but it is a really special place which is also very close to the city.”

For more information or to book an inspection, visit Zango.

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