Affordable housing project moves to Cloverdale

Cloverdale town planning commissioners, over objections from community members concerned about increased traffic, voted 3-2 on Tuesday night to approve a 75-unit affordable housing project along Asti Road.

Commission Chairman Mike Shanahan and Commissioner Eric Saunders voted no, while Commissioners Sandra Hoevertsz, Chad Asay and William Wagy voted yes.

The Alexander Valley family apartments, which will be built in a rural area along the front road of Highway 101, have faced opposition from neighbors and others who fear the high traffic area with only partial sidewalks are dangerous.

The site has been zoned for affordable apartments since 2009 as it is close to the SMART station which is not yet in use.

Due to recent changes in state law, the commission was only able to objectively review certain aspects of the design of the project site.

The Planning Commission could only have rejected the proposed development if there was no way to address the issues raised by community members regarding increased traffic and risks to public safety.

Moreover, according to staff, opposing or tabling the project, as many members of the public urged commissioners to do, could leave the city open to a possible trial.

Before voting yes, Commissioner Asay said that “the city has put the cart before the horse” with a project design proposal to take advantage of nearby city public transport when there is none. .

“I think the city needs to do a much better job preparing the city for (a) project like this,” he said, referring to infrastructure such as sidewalks and lighting.

A person or group could appeal the decision to Cloverdale City Council, but there are costs that could run as high as $ 2,000 to $ 3,000, Deputy City Manager Kevin Thompson said.

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