360LIFE to Build India’s First Vertical Forest Apartments in Hitec City, Hyderabad

In its efforts to protect our planet, 360LIFE, a new era organization, is set to deliver the first vertical forest apartments in India and Asia, 360LIFE THE ORIGIN, in Hitec City, Hyderabad in 2024.

According to the company, with its vertical forest and well-managed vegetation along the facade, this 30-storey tall structure not only has a beautiful aesthetic feature, but also contributes significantly to healthy living by providing energy. fresh air and a dust barrier. Spread over 3 acres of land, the property consists of 288 apartments, with 60% of the land being open and vegetated forest which will provide an exquisite lightness and the priceless fruit of robust health.

As the world grapples with an almost 2.5 year old Covid health crisis, along with the climatic fluctuations that occur from time to time, a sustainable lifestyle seems to be the only workable solution at hand. . Efficient use of resources for a quality life without disturbing the environment – such a way of life properly ensures a healthy life in harmony with the good health of nature.

With the idea of ​​sustainable living in mind, 360LIFE has developed nature-friendly living in India where it reduces the use of the earth’s natural resources by not relying on external sources for quality food, air and water in a unique and sustainable way. , directly related to a good life and good health.

Speaking about the new project, Namitha Chiluveru, Director of 360LIFE, said, “360LIFE not only works for the benefit of individuals, but also for the betterment of the environment as a whole. As part of one of our wealthiest ventures, we offer the Vertical Forest Apartments which would benefit society at large, especially as maintaining good health is one of the top priorities on the list. everyone’s control. We believe that God is in every detail and so we have gone to great lengths to combine modernism with traditional wisdom and create a truly sustainable way of life in our homes. The creation of the 360LIFE Vertical Forest Apartments is an important step towards sustainable living, and we look forward to offering more such initiatives in the years to come.

360LIFE Vertical Forest Apartments will provide a happy and tranquil experience with over 1000 trees in the surrounding area and tiny ponds. Large staggered and overhanging balconies distinguish the apartments, which are intended to accommodate large outdoor tubs for vegetation and allow taller trees to grow without interference, even on three floors of the building.

Each apartment has several balconies: a fruit-bearing hall balcony, an aromatic bedroom balcony and a vegetable-bearing kitchen balcony. Your home will be equipped with state-of-the-art air management technology that ensures adequate and constant distribution of fresh, revitalizing air throughout the property. This 30-story building has 25 residential floors that give the impression of being in the sky above 5 floors of parking above the basement.

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